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Yeng Constantino Just Can't Say Lyrics

Last updated: 01/24/2013 11:30:22 AM

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It's not that I think you would know
I just don't feel
All the things I do for you
Baby, that's the clue that I am true

It's just unspoken but I mean it, yeah yeah
But if you look into my eyes
You'll see what's inside
I won't have to say it

All the things that you wanna hear from me
And all the things that you want me to say it
Baby, say it

Well, if you wanna hear me say it
That I want you
I would say it a hundred times a day
Till your heart will drown away

Just tell me, do I have to

It's not that I'm too shy to say
'Bout the words that come out my way
All the tears that you shed
I guess I have to pay for if I can only see

[Repeat REFRAIN]
[Repeat CHORUS]
[Repeat REFRAIN]

Well, if you wanna hear me say it
That I want you, I need you, I love you
A hundred times a day (I would say it, I would say it)
Till your heart will drown away (I would say it, yeah yeah)
Just tell me (I wanna say it)
(Yes, I'm going to say it)
Do I have to (I will say it)

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