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Motley Crue Just Another Psycho Lyrics

Last updated: 03/05/2009 10:00:00 AM

they opened up the door, to my insanity
they should've slammed it shut right then
and thrown away the key

they stitched up my head, from my labotomy
they should've never let me out
i'm public enemy

i'm not ok
i'm not ok
the voices in my head always say
i should be committed
but being so twisted
'cus everyone knows
i'm just another psycho

i went to the doctor
it wasn't a shocker
when he said i should know
i'm just another psycho
shoved into a hole
got covered up with dirt
that's no way to treat someone whose feelings don't get hurt
i don't need a reason
to hurt you just for fun
i terrorize your perfect life, yeah you better run

i'm not ok
i'm not ok
the voices in my head always say (voices in my head)


--Mick solo--

i'm not ok

[chorus x2]
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