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Young Fathers Just Another Bullet Lyrics

Last updated: 02/04/2014 07:07:41 PM


Just another bullet
Got you biting on your tongue
Cry cra cra cry cra cra cry
Don't do it then it gets done

I was raised from the rubble
Butt naked's body double
Bullet bursting the bubble
Like a bridge that's over trouble
See I be praising the Lord
Then worshipping the Devil
In my eyes compromise
I'm the man in the middle
Flawed by me daemons
S-s-searching for penance
The blood in my veins
Turning Dorian Grey
I behave in this way
For a couple of days
In this animal rage
Tear me another page
Hard to gage stubble
Seeing double
Blasphemy was sent for me
Glass for her glass for him
Down down the liquid courage
Baggage full of knowledge
If you open up the briefcase
It's thief safe

I'm too smart to be stupid
I just want to do it
I'm the chief of my village
But I can't stop the spillage
She's sitting on my face
But I forgot to say grace
Show me the way
Show me the way

Just another bullet(just another bullet) got you biting on your tongue
Cry cra cra cry cra cra cry
You don't do it then it gets done


What used to be
Has ceased to be
The end of the line
Of my monarchy

Just another bullet
Salivating on your tongue
Dry dry dry
When the water comes