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Jupiter Sunrise are MARK HOULIHAN and BEN KARIS on guitars & vocals
AARON CASE on bass guitar and CHRIS SNYKUS on drums and vocals

Jupiter Sunrise was born 2 years ago as a project of Mark Houlihan's near Albany New York. He had worked a while as a booking agent and managed a few bands, like Ben Karis' old band, The Orange but decided what he really wanted to do was play music again. After a monster yard sale he built a bonfire out of his remaining possesions and started putting together the pieces. The first of these was recording an album, then it was off to balmy California.

The next 2 months or so were spent in Mark's vacant living-room-turned recording-studio. He had petitioned his friend, producer Chris Fisher, to record him in exchange for some gear. Agreeing, the two of them rounded up all their friends, including Ben and The Orange, to perform as a band for for Mark's record. The results of that endeavor yielded the purple demo that was Jupiter Sunrise (the band)'s first product they sold for a little less than a year on the road (over 4000 copies!).

Though the project did become a full band, at first it was just Mark playing out for fun as a solo act. However, just as Mark's project was picking up, Ben's band, The Orange, was coming to an end. Anticipating this, Ben thought it might be wise to brush up on his solo chops so he tagged along with Mark when he left New York behind for his solo tour Ben went as far as North Carolina and returned to New York. It was a great experience and so when he was confronted with the break-up of his band, he flew out to meet Mark (who had toured to California) where they decided to form a band together.

Chris Fisher, the producer, knew of a drummer whom they were all familiar with who was actually on his way to L.A. at the same time in search of a new band. He called Mark one day to tell him. His name was Chris Snykus from the popular East Coast funk/ska band, "Perfect Thyroid". As it turns out, The Orange and Perfect Thyroid had their final shows on the same night! When Mark called him Chris was in Arkansas eating a sandwich. He said he'd be there in 3 days to see Mark and Ben play an acoustic show in the city. He dug the tunes and their showmanship so they started to play together and had their first show as an acoustic 3-piece at the Knitting Factory in L.A.

That show went so well that Mark decided it was time to hit the road, even if they didn't yet have a bass-player. After all, they were broke and didn't want to get regular jobs... When they met Aaron Case, he was working at a guitar store on Sunset Strip where Ben and Mark were buying an amp. Ben was waiting outside for Mark to bring the car around when Aaron, taking a break from work, stepped outside and said, "ahh, you bought the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier combo, I see... nice...." This guy seemed friendly so he asked him if he played bass. Sure enough, he did, and the next week Aaron quit his job and Ben moved into his house, ate his food, and rehearsed the songs every waking (and some sleeping!) moment for a few weeks until they left for the East Coast to start their first national tour.

One year and 6 months later, the band is about to release their first full length via Undecided Records. This is the band's first national release, produced by Marshall Altman and recorded by Joe Zook at Eldorado Studio in Burbank, CA.

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