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A good night, the best in a long time
A new friend turned me on to an old favorite
Nothing better than a dealer who's high
Be high, convince them to buy

What's my drug of choice?
Well, what have you got?
I don't go broke
And I do it alot

Seems so sick to the hypocrite norm
Running their boring drills
But we are an elite race of our own
The stoners, junkies, and freaks

Are you happy? I am, man.
Content and fully aware
Money, status, nothing to me.
'Cause your life is empty and bare

What's my drug of choice?
Well, what have you got?
I don't go broke
And I do it alot
I do it alot

You can't understand a user's mind
But try, with your books and degrees
If you let yourself go and opened your mind
I'll bet you'll be doing like me
And it ain't so bad

What's my drug of choice?
Well, what have you got?
I don't go broke
And I do it alot
Say, I do it alot

I do it alot!
I do it alot!
Say, I do it alot!

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uhm ya | Reviewer: roxychick | 2/14/12

How in the shit are yall comparing Kurt and Layne? I am a grunge fan and theyre both musical idols in my eyes. I have a tattoo dedicated to kurt on my right foot, i am waiting to get my tattoo for layne on my left. I love both of them!!
RIP kurt && layne

difference | Reviewer: rezayazdanipour | 1/7/12

i think we should make a gap and distinguish for kurt and staley let me paraphase about that they are in on e style but two against approach in music..i think kurt cobain was creative and musician with high smart mind and avant garde thoughts that intervene in grunge...and layne was iconic and legendary in lyrics that depict Pain music Pain and mistak created that in muisc youn know that pain and drugs are so bad and harsh but made you feel something and turn you into passion of music... at alll i think cobain with talent of music made tracks painful and sick but staley with pure pain and sadness create masterpiece called music....

layne | Reviewer: izzy | 7/20/11

i love AIC and miss layne terribly.. i think its stupid that people are trying to compare him to kurt, since its all a matter of opinion..i personally prefer AIC to nirvana, and am not a huge nirvana fan, i dont care how many records theyve each respectivly sold.. as far as the music biz goes,it has changed alot over the past 20 years, as a mucician myself i cant say if it has been for better or worse, with the advent of the internet and youtube ect.. it is easier to get your music out to the masses but alot harder to make money selling 'records'..i love this song, i am an opiate addict and can relate to it on may levels.. RIP Layne you are missed.. cant satnd the 'new' AIC.. how can a band as great as they replace a singer such as layne?? all they are trying to do is milk the name for money!

Lyrics | Reviewer: Matt | 6/22/11

Those of u giving all out credit to Layne for the lyrics need to look it up. Even though the song reflects his life perfectly, and no one could pull off the vocals, it's not just his. He and Jerry did this one together. Jerry had his own demons. In fact there's probably few bands that with as many demons.I guess what I'm saying is when you're talking AIC lyrics, dont leave Jerry out. Out of all the songs on Dirt Jerry wrote 5 on his own, Layne 2. The rest were written together. It's a 13 song album with one of those, Iron Gland being nothing but one line and a funky riff. From Jerry.

reply to tim (this time) | Reviewer: DB | 4/20/11

Nice pick up on the incorrect year Michael.

In response to Tim; all of the comments here (unless advised otherwise) are personal opinions. How you can say that Michael is presenting fact for opinion when it is obviously just Michael's opinion (he didn't say otherwise) is beyond ME.

Either way I'm with Michael on this one, Kurt has written (guitar, lyrics & vocals) 10 times the songs Layne has & most of them were loved by millions of people. Don't get me wrong Layne's voice is (in my opinion of course) better than Kurt's but other than his voice I don't really see how he could be a better frontman...10's (100's?) of millions of people can't be wrong surely?

"How someone can present opinion as fact like you just did is beyond me"...unbelievable

PS: to erick the douche - I'm still wating for you to cite your source

ignorance | Reviewer: junkie | 2/15/11

lyrically this song is genius for the message it conveys. it shows laynes strength and his confidence even through a struggle with addiction and he even says hes happy, content and fully aware. There are a lot of people who dont struggle with addiction who cant claim those things. i go broke and i do it a lot so i cant say im content but fuck if i had unlimited money id always be content. layne was a badass. who cares if he died the way he did, at least he didnt feel it, we all die anyways. theres lots of worse ways to die. fuck.

to Michael | Reviewer: tim | 11/9/10

Nowhere near the artist or creative genius of Kurt? How someone can present opinion as fact like you just did is beyond me. In my eyes, I could listen to Layne's voice all day and be fine, but I can only handle a few of Kurt's songs. It just all depends on the person, and personally, I THINK that Layne is a better frontman. thats my opinion, and obviously Michael, you see it differently. Thats all fine and dandy, doesnt bother me, just dont be so arrogant that you voice your opinion as fact.

Erick is a douche | Reviewer: Michael | 10/29/10

First of all, Erick is a douche. Grohl did contribute, as DB has already pointed out, though his major contributions didn't occur until the later years of Nirvana.

And also, your life changed when Layne died in 2000? Are you some kind of idiot? Layne died in 2002 douche. If your life changed in 2000, my guess is that it was because you realized that your mom had been drinking heavily while you were in the womb.

Kurt may have been a shitty guitarist, but Nirvana is legendary for a reason. It was impossible to watch a Nirvana show without feeling the exact same emotions that Kurt was feeling. His way of portraying himself through his art is what made him one of the greatest artists of our generation. Layne rocks, there is no doubt about it, but he is nowhere near the artist or creative genius that Kurt was. He only wrote 4 of the AIC songs, and didn't even write as many of the lyrics as you may think.

And by the way, Junkhead isn't perfect. It's badass, but it's stupid. Even Layne himself expressed regret for writing this song.

In conclusion, Erick is a douche. Stop being a douche Erick.

*sigh* | Reviewer: junkhead | 9/13/10

one of the best description's of how an abuser's mind works.....powerful lyrics accompanied with equally powerful music makes this tragic story of a soul being drained and consumed by addiction.....hate it or love, you cant deny the facts!!!!
R.I.P - Layne Staley

reply to erick | Reviewer: DB | 5/30/10

ARE YOU SERIOUS ERICK? I've not seen such an erroneous statement in a very long time.

First of all Dave Grohl did assist Kurt on a number of tracks, as did Krist - but all they did was assist, Kurt was the major songwriter. Dave Grohl didn't even join the Nirvana until post Bleach days. Kurt had already written most of Nevermind by the time Dave came along!

Before you post statements like that on a great site like this, maybe you should check your knowledge or site your source.

everyones wrong about cobain | Reviewer: erick | 5/11/10

Cobain didn't write the songs for Nirvana. Dave Grohl did, he will even cop to that. Cobain was a great front man and personality. He was a mediocre vocalist at best and a shitty guitarist. Despite all of these things he is still an idol to grunge. He broke ground for it and no one can deny that. Now as far as Layne is concerned he is one of the greatest voices to ever grace this planet. My life changed when Layne died in 2000. AIC was the reason I started playing music. I can attribute my masters in music to them. This song is perfection lyrically, vocally, theoretically, everything works.

I agree w/ Can't Deny | Reviewer: Gene | 5/10/10

Anyone saying that a top selling artist (regardless if it is: Cobain, Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, Metallica, or Cher) has no talent should go off and try to make a record that even makes the Billboard top 100. If they can accomplish that, then perhaps I could pay attention to what they are saying. If it is so easy, and talent so abundant, try it yourself, then run your mouth.

Curt was good but Layne was great!! | Reviewer: Joseph | 5/6/10

Not denying that curt was hood he was just saying it's a shame he got all the spotlight when compared to Layne he was just mediocure.. This song is a work of art and Layne doesn't get the respect he deserves..

Cant Deny | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/10

Sorry to be the one to tell you this Juatin J but Kurt Cobain did have real talent. Layne and Kurt are both geniuses for different reasons and you simply cannot deny them it. If you think Cobain sucks then you obviously think your above him so you know, why don't you go off with a few power chords and become as great a songwriter as he did. Anyway Junkhead is a great song and this is more proof of how geat a musician Layne was

Stoner opinion. | Reviewer: Brandon T | 4/1/09

This song is so deep man. He is telling his life story. And I relate man, I was confronted today about something I like to do but nothing hard. And when these people confronted me I looked at them and say, " Are these your ideas or the propaganda you so lovingly consume?". The normal ones are the coldest people on earth.

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