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Paul McCartney Junk Lyrics

Last updated: 05/28/2014 03:38:13 PM

by Paul McCartney

Motor Cars, Handle Bars
Bicycles for Two
Broken Hearted Jubilee
Parachutes, Army Boots
Sleeping Bags for Two
Sentimental Jamboree

Buy Buy
Says the Sign in the Shop Window
Why Why
Says the Junk in the Yard

Candlesticks, Building Bricks
Something Old and New
Memories for You and Me

Buy Buy
Says the Sign in the Shop Window
Why Why
Says the Junk in the Yard

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A very catchy tune. | Reviewer: Jeff | 5/28/14

I like this song and remember hearing John Denver singing it.In my opinion he gave the song something that was missing in the original version.I am a John Denver fan, so that may have something to do with it. I have always been a Beatles and Paul McCartney fan too, I just prefer the Denver version of the song.

A sweet simple song | Reviewer: Stephen Spano | 5/21/14

What's so magic about this song is the way Paul sings it. For this song he uses his baby voice ( like on Here There and Everywhere). There will never be such a awesome versatile voice or songwriter like Paul McCartney. He's lived the life of lives and even in his 70's there no stopping the music. God love you Sir Paul...

Bitter-Sweet Song | Reviewer: Mimi Lovibond | 1/15/13

I love this song so much. It breaks my heart to hear it because it make me think of the friendship between The Beatles, (especially John and Paul) and how hard sad it was for them to disband. Shame on that witch, Yoko! :(
She was the person behind their breakup. SHE RUINED THE BEATLES

Thank you! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/12

I heard this song 30 years ago and it found a place in my heart, moreso than my thoughts.

It reappears in the soundtrack of my mind now and again, as if I were stumbling upon it in a closet while searching for something else. Quite appropriate, really. Thank you for giving me the words.