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"I feel the need, the need for speed."
-naval pilot Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, in Top Gun (1986)

Long before the industrial revolution made planes, trains
and automobiles commonplace, the desire for momentum-for
the fast lane-has pounded within the human heart. From our
first wobbly steps 'til the golden years force us to slow
the pace, we spend our lives pushing ahead, moving toward
whatever comes next. And some people just can't get there
fast enough. Enter the energetic quintet Jump5 and their
aptly-titled new disc, Accelerate.

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Reviews about Jump5 songs

iffy ? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Never Enough performed by Jump5

i mean, what exactly is this song about?
i SUPPOSE it could be about God, but if it's not then it's not right.. if it's about a person, then it's kind of desperate.
it sounds a bit like that.
oh well, the music is nice if you don't pay too close attention to the lyrics.
=D still not too bad though.

Hello&Goodbye is SO rite! | Reviewer: Myshayla
    ------ About the song Shoot the Moon performed by Jump5

i never liked Jump5 but i def think that this song rockz! Im thinking of buying their new and last CD Hello and Goodbye. its kinda sad that they r breaking up but they r getting a little to old for this kinda thing.

Beautiful To Me Review | Reviewer: Alana Geddert
    ------ About the song Beautiful To Me performed by Jump5


Review | Reviewer: Wilfred-NLD
    ------ About the song Do Ya performed by Jump5

Good song! Jump5 is a great band, no matter what :) All their songs. But that's my opinion aight

Way to awesome for words | Reviewer: Brandi Nicole
    ------ About the song Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride performed by Jump5

Taking a hawaiian classic, and adding in a twist for disney lovers of all ages, the powerful sounds for the coolest teens in all of america. After taking a bit of time out of their whirl wind tour, with their latest album 'jump5 greatest hits and dreaming in color', Brittany Hargest, Lesley Moore, Chris Fedun and Brandon Hargest, Make a pit stop, to bring you something cool, and totally grooveable remake of a disney hit, They give it the funk that any cool surfer wouldn't mind jamming to while they head to the beach, or dream about the cool waves splashing around the warm sands of the pacific ocean. This is one of the most energetic songs of all time, and I suggest you give it a listen. They'll be happy you did. SURFS UP GUYS

do ya | Reviewer: lt
    ------ About the song Do Ya performed by Jump5

our review is -we give it a perfect 10

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