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Sonata Arctica Juliet Lyrics

Last updated: 04/08/2013 04:17:29 PM

These are my final lines
I've lived all my nine lives
My nights are over
Cannot feel your heart anymore

I lived only through you
My scar, my heart, my truth
I do not want to die
But no more can I love you

How hard it is to understand
My wish to die hand in hand
This night's like a dream
You will be the last thing I will see

I hold your hand, close my eyes
And all I love finally dies
Drank the poison most foul with you
But why do you smile?

Don't smile
Don't you smile
You were supposed to wither away with me, so, Juliet
Please don't smile
I'm paralyzed and you are still alive

Life is but a long, sad game
Drifting souls, avoiding shame
Two dead swans is all we need
To pave the winding memory lane

No hellos, no bad goodbyes
Wailing, distant, silent cries
You can live with my pain
It's your own you cannot take

Played the game and lost
I wonder how you can
Hold the cards for a dead man

The light and the clarity
A welcome change for the life in the darkness
Sea of my sanity

Lost in the vanity
All I ever wanted, to be lost in you
My burden, the hatred

(My own reality)
My own reality
Mirrors and smoke
(Mirrors and smoke)
The final truth unfolds

(Your reality)
Your reality
Mirrors my hopes
Where you will need me

(They'll never find us again once the trail has gone cold)
They'll never find us again once the trail has gone cold
I'm a restless soul, I'll make the best ghost
All things good end into a...

Minute of silence
I get myself in line
One minute of silence
To face my own demise
One minute of silence
This is not what I signed for
One minute of silence
You double-crossing filthy whore

I sit with someone in the dark
I'm so afraid to see it's me again
You had a change of heart
Now we're all getting hurt

Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to my life again
Walk with me, every curve, every bend
This promenade that seems to come to an end

You know what you meant to me
Emptied the room in your life that I paid for
When I lost my sanity
I made a mess, now I am here to clean

It is too late to regret anything tonight
After what has come to light
You have played me for a fool for all this time
The story may rewrite itself after I'm gone
One more breath, the day will dawn

How hard is it to understand
My wish to die hand in hand
These wounds stay open all night long
You are the last thing I will see

I lived only by you
My scar, my heart, my truth
My sole reason to die
There's no life without you

These are my final lines
I've used all my nine lives
My life is over
Cannot feel your heart anymore

I lived only by you
My scar, my heart, my truth
Have no reason to live
I can't feel the love anymore

This is... the end... Why...?

You're closing my eyes...

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Agree with all except... | Reviewer: Kevin | 4/8/13

I do see the stalker side to these songs, but, i think this is actually the story of Caleb's father, and how he died.
My guess is, that he wanted Juliet to die by his side (reenacting the Romeo and Juliet story) but instead she turned around while he sat there watching her tend to the child that he did not want. and it slowly drove him into madness. She would ignore his plea for help, turn away from his cries, and think back to the times of there life where she helped him through the good and bad, and now he wants her to experience his new life of curves and bends. Eventually, he could not take it, and took his own life before Caleb could become strong enough to surpass him.

Juliet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/12

I actually think that Juliet isn't a different woman who Caleb actually loved, I believe it's actually Caleb's mother who ran away after he killed his Dad in "Caleb." In "The End of this Chapter," he stalks her down, in "Don't Say A Word" he's contemplating what he does with her and in "Juliet" she tricks him into killing himself.
Definitely a great tragic story Sonata Arctica put together here, whether you view it as a tortured man trying to feel loved from his mother or anybody at all. Either way, the primary antagonist--despite her intentions--is his mother.

Caleb is a PSYCHOPATH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/12

This is absolutely not meant to be a romantic song! This is the last part of the "stalker" song saga that's been going since their second album. Caleb is a psychopath and has been planning to murder Juliet, but at the last second she tricks him into killing himself. This song is his last few moments of thought as he realizes what she's done.

This is a classic "unreliable narrator" situation-- Caleb is NUTS.

Juliet | Reviewer: Milo | 5/23/11

Juliet is the story of a stalker (is the end of the "Caleb's Story" Caleb, The End of This Chapter, Don't Say a Word and Juliet)
Is a great song :) but I don't think that is a love song or something like that, 'cuz Caleb kidnapped Juliet... so... it isn't romantic at all, don't you think?

Betrayal at its best | Reviewer: Dante | 2/11/11

Juliet is a symbol of betrayal, because the plan is for them to die together, but she deviates and only makes him think she will die. All he ever wanted was to die feeling like he'd been loved. However, Juliet takes advantage of this.

Juliet | Reviewer: Lenny | 11/13/09

I once fell in love with a Juliet, and I feel like my whole last years have been just a bad dream in wich I only live to reach the heart of someone who doesn't love me... SA's lyrics are truly a reflection of the reality some of us live everyday...