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John Charles Julian Lennon was born on April 8,1963 in
Liverpool, England. Julian is the son of John Lennon and
his first wife Cynthia. When Julian was born, John Lennon
was in the heap of his carrier and was forced to be a
part-time father for Julian. Julian, as a child inspired
several Beatles compositions; "Lucy in the Sky with
Diamonds" which arose out of a drawing Julian made of a
classmate. The title of the song was actually
misunderstood. People thought that the Beatles were singing
about "LSD". During Julian's parents' More...

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Review about Julian Lennon songs
Evolving | Reviewer: Ed Robson
    ------ About the song Saltwater performed by Julian Lennon

Amazing song. If it does not touch you you will understand not.
As we evolve (this organism called mankind) we can focus on self and destroy everything with us. Call it compassion or awareness but when we do understand we will truly evolve. Reminds me of Imagine by his dad. Fortune or not, I always have accord with this
great song. Thank you.

saltwaters | Reviewer: Yetunde Ajala
    ------ About the song Saltwater performed by Julian Lennon

i love this son so much this song is about changing the world i cry when i hear this song or when someone is singing the song
as i write with tears falling down i wish this world would change into a better thing

I am the real life Cole Holland | Reviewer: John Kaza
    ------ About the song Cole's Song performed by Julian Lennon

12-21-11 I died. In 4 days I will have been given an extra year on Earth--a privelege 95-98% of sudden cardiac arrest victims don't get. And yes, BTW, my father was the real Glenn Holland , the music director at Grant High in Portland, where the film was shot. I spent many a day in that music room. I outgrew my deafness--another miracle. I am Cole Holland. When the movie came out I still had not reconciled with my father. I am glad we finally did, when he called and sang to me, even though by then he had had a stroke. I'm sorry it took so long. I love you, dad. May you rest in peace.

better lyrics than his dad | Reviewer: Colleen South
    ------ About the song Saltwater performed by Julian Lennon

what a standout song. Where his dad sang of hitting his woman, love, jealousy, revenge, then later pie in the sky world peace, Julien was ahead of his time with his environmentally aware, gentle philosophical lyrics for one so young.

I just love this song, it speaks to me! | Reviewer: David of Westminster
    ------ About the song Cole's Song performed by Julian Lennon

This song speaks such truth to us as parents. Often, we don't relate well to a particular child, but then by God's grace, love begins anew! This song captures the heart of this process.

"The Cutting Room" NY,NY 10/13/11 | Reviewer: Susan Gort
    ------ About the song Make It Up To You performed by Julian Lennon

Hi Julian how are you doing? I'm good. I love this song Make It Up To You I really would love to listen to it, when are you going to sing this song? I think the lyrics are fabulous... My heart feels so warm inside after reading the lyrics that I began to cry because I love you so much and wanted to say goodbye to you on 10/13/11.. Thanks for writing this.. Love Always, Susan Gort ;)x

valotte | Reviewer: jonathan abobo
    ------ About the song Valotte performed by Julian Lennon

just like anybody tring to find the lyrics of the song since ive heared this one.after 9 months ive got it...and i play with the instrument in the seashore at night..and by that time.i wonder why the night is over..what a inspiring song...you give to the listeners julian..thanks alot

Beautiful song! | Reviewer: Bert
    ------ About the song Valotte performed by Julian Lennon

I first heard valotte back in the early 80s and immidiately fell in love with it. Valotte is truely the depiction of a Julians difficult past relationship with his oldman. Those hard times somehow produced this beautiful song that captured hearts of a lot of listeners, it is heartfelt song around the globe. Julian is a great singer and songwriter just like his father.

Hauntingly beautiful...... | Reviewer: Mac
    ------ About the song Valotte performed by Julian Lennon

Even after all of these years, this song still brings tears to my eyes...

I believe Julian captured his yearning, and the "what if" aspect of his relationship with his father in this song. What a tragedy that time was not on their side.....

A Great Singer-Song Writer Without A Doubt | Reviewer: Edwin
    ------ About the song Valotte performed by Julian Lennon

Julian Lennon wrote a beautiful song in "Valotte" and performed equally well. Every where I go I still here this song. It has stood the test of time.

Who knows what Julians reasons for not recording more are. Perhaps because of his relationship with his father, the great John Lennon, he is disillusioned with the entire game. Perhaps he just doesn't enjoy the music business. Anyway, he doesn't need to prove anything to anyone but himself. He has proven his talent with the few but important contributions he has made to popular music.

I loved John Lennon. But he wasn't fair to his son. I don't have the right to judge him. But this has to be a great and lingering pain for Julian. I want Julian to know that we love him and we love his music. If he ever decides to record again we will surely be ready to listen. He doesn't need the Beatles or his Father's legacy. He can stand on his own talent.

Best of luck to you Jude, wherever you are. And thanks for the beautiful song "Valotte"!

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