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Violent J:
"And they wanted to know if I would trade 10 juggalos for a 100 main stream fans And I said I wouldn't trade 10 juggalos for a 100,000 mainstream fans 10 juggalos is priceless to me"

Blaze Ya Dead Homie:
I gots love for my homies, members of the Lotus
United we stand, squashing all deadly forces
Been to hell, could of spent eternity there
All the bad shit I've done, I should still be there
Juggalos can ya feel me, feel me, worldwide, worldwide
Running with the hatchet straight out the Lotus Pod
Always got your back till the end screaming juggalos
Dark lotus, psychopathic that's the way you go

Monoxide Child:
So many people in the matrix die alone, hey
Not me, my soul belongs to juggalos, they
Keep me going when I'm down and out
I pick the phone up drop them a line and here them shout
Saying Twiztid is the shit, and I'm down with the clown
Dark Lotus for life until I'm dead in the ground!
I give a dap to all my homies and killaz who get it started
All my juggalos always represent for the departed

Mass murder makes me happy!
Dead bodies make me happy!
Say what you will of me
ill always have juggalo family
Mass murder makes me happy!
Dead bodies make me happy!
Say what you will of me
I'll always have juggalo family!

Shaggy 2 Dope:
6 individual pedals formed from 1 stem
Who try to run away and not follow any trends, no friends
Cause we accend from the dirt, filth, grit, and grime
and combine Juggalo minds to crush Mason shrines
Whats yours is mine it was mines is yours
Let the wagons of the Dark Carnival show you different worlds
Any hoes front a juggalos or the hatchet
Tell them to come suck on your dick, we psychopathic!

Jamie Madrox:
All my life I've been living it all alone
I'm like a king with no people and no crown or a throne
And what I'm speaking on is what I'm feeling like
Do you know what it feels like to feel the warmth of the sunlight
I'd really like to know cause I've been chilling in the dark
For so many years that I question love in my heart
And I hate everyone, and I hate everything
Except for all the juggalos and the love that they bring!


Let me get your ear and make myself click
It's the L Family Juggalos right check
You can take away my mic you can take away this life
But this love we got ain't never gonna stop
We eternal, pass the surface bullshit
Dogs on another level can you feel this
It's Twisted, Blaze and ICP,
And if you're fuckin with my dogs then you D-I-E!

Violent J:
If it wasn't for Shaggy my shirt would still be baggy
I wouldn't be fat, I'd still be hungry and crabby
We used to buy our own records at the stores
So they would think it's a hot seller, and order more
But we built a team of same killers with the same dream
But we couldn't reach the top, we'd stay B level like Charlie Sheen
finally realized we will always have the juggalos
I'll never give another second, to them other hoes!

(Chorus x3)
Lotus!!! Lotus!!! Lotus!!! Lotus!!!

"And they wanted to know if I would trade 10 juggalos for a 100 main stream fans And i said I wouldn't trade 10 juggalos for a 100,000 mainstream fans 10 juggalos is priceless to me"

(Chorus x2 repeats and fades out until song ends)

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plz dont misunderstand | Reviewer: slow j | 11/3/10

lil girl i find your your narrow veiw of juggalows to be some what misinformed yes it is violen but guess what there are violent people out there and insulting them by talking badly about their choice in music is ..... how do i put this best .... a bad idea to asume that all juggalos are the same is a ignorant im sorry but thats the only way to put it yes we are a family but like in all familys there are people that do things that are not so good i apologize that a man threatend you and that was bad on his part if i had been there i would have gladly stoped the incodent and probably stomped his head there are many mesages you can get from the music of icap i have chosen to take the path of giving people what they deserve would you like to explain how killing a petophile is evil =after all they are the sickest and most disgusting thing i can think of they take the most pure and inocent thing on earth a child and break it sully its purity and most times kill the child once they have gotten their sick perverted gratifocation how about a woman beater a weak minded pittiful man that takes his short comings out on his wife have you ever seen a man holding his wife by her hair slamming her face ion to the street can you think of such a thing and not see how some one would take joy out of plunging a kitchen knife into his chest better yeat have you heared the screams of a youngf girl not much younger than your self as she is burning alive in a car that was driven and crashe by her drunken father after her beat his wife to death and shot a decorated police officer lastly have you sat infront of a house with a shot gun every night for a month wating for a man to come home after his 9 year old daughter came to your house at 2 in the morning telling you that "daddy is pouring gas around mommy and my beds" and when you call the police it takes them 2 and a half hours to show up do you realy want to sit here and call juggalos evil when there are people such as this running free threw the world due to the fact the almost one fourth of the police force in a city are set aside to enforce a law against a plant that was only made illegal so that the rope and paper making giants of america could keep their monopoly im the country a country where a 14 year old boy gets a gun put in his face for throwing a soda can on the side of the road a world where the government can get away with waging a war on a country for no other rason than to put another penny in their pocket and you want to call juggalos evil im sorry to say but you have your ideas seriously messed up but i would like to once more apologize for what that man did to you if you are in fact the age you say you are than dude needs to get smacked up side his head if not worse to take the opinion of another so seriously as to threaten them is going a step to far after all we are the shiznit and there aint nothing no one can do to change that i would also like to opologize for my not so little rant but calling a band evil when there is far greater evils being done on a daily bassis pushes a button of mine that opens a door best left unopend

haha yeah right | Reviewer: brittany | 1/13/10

ok so yall a big happy family right well if you get in a fight doese icp come down here to back you up? do you guys not understand icp wants money they make you think your a family but you aint i love fall out boy but tgat dont mean everyonr that loves fall out boy is my family!!whats wrong with you the music is bout killin poeple and children and poeple you love ive heard it its freakin evil this proves the world is evil man. im 13 years old and a juggalo that was like 32 yrs old threatened me a 92lb 4foot 8inches threatened by a 6ft 300lb man cause i said they sucked i dont threaten onyone when they say fob suckz freedom of religion and speech dudes!!! and yeah happy familys threaten poeple with hatchets thats so responsible you can tell you are all sooo loving right seriously and get mad idc insane clown posse is evil and a disgrace to music and america!!!

Lovin the Fam fo Lyfe!!!!!!! | Reviewer: GIGGLES the clown | 9/11/09

dude this song is the shit i dnt know ne lo or lette that doesnt love that song!!!!!! i love my fam and i dnt know what i would do w/o them.... I havent been down for that long but ive loved the family b4 i was down they have always been there for me and always will be.... especially me bestie, homie, sister for lyfe Meggy and my baby JJ aka Smokey i love him to death well mes gots to go!!!! MMFWCL!!!! PEACE OUT!!!!

This is the shit! | Reviewer: juggahead | 8/29/09

Sending my wicked clown love out to the family! I'll love you forever, so just keep doin what you doin! You'z the shit! Just be sure to pass me the faygo! Whoop whoop! Juggalo 4 life! Fuck everyone else!

To My Family | Reviewer: Walt | 7/24/09

This is a message to my juggalo family to keep it real, and don't listen to none of that dumbass shit about changin your life around just cuz all the posers and haters say you should. Never listen to none of that shit, just keep fucking shit up and havin fun and watchin out for eachother. I love you guys, I would never trade none of you for nothin in the whole fuckin world.

You crazy-asses are the reason I live and breathe! Without you psycho motherfuckers I don't know what i'd do:

Thank You Brian!! | Reviewer: -Brittanyy- | 7/18/09

This is to my brother Brian. The REALEST, most down ass juggalo i know! No blood but we family non tha less!! He became family to us before we knewe anything about bein a Lo or a Lette, but he taught me EVERYTHING i know! Showed me that family comes first cuz in tha end, it's all you got! He opened up a new world for me and i will forever be thankful!! I love you Brian!! WOOP WOOP! Keep it wicked ya'll, and remember that your your juggalo fam will always have you back!!!

psycopathic shit | Reviewer: juggalo josh | 5/22/08

hell mutha fuckin yea mutch love to all my juggalo's out there,my juggalo family has got me through hell and back and every time i here this song it alwase makes me think of each and every one of those people mmfwcl!!!!!!!

Love to my juggalos and juggalettes | Reviewer: Jessica | 12/1/07

This song is fuckin awesome and everyone i hangout with at school loves icp-we stick together-10 juggalos really is priceless--5 juggalettes are even harder to find.

We're a little insane, yeah we're psychopathic, we'll kick your ass if you fuck with any of us, we are each other's only true family, and we dont give a fuck until it comes to the family

So here's to my juggalo family:
and Me

Juggalo Family | Reviewer: IWAHJF | 9/28/07

Keep da shit real Juggalos and Juggalettes! Clown Love For Life!!! MMFWCL! I will always have Juggalo Family!!! IWAHJF! Peace out Juggalo and Juggalettes!!

To my family | Reviewer: RepDaJuggalos | 9/18/07

I got love for my homies as well. We family forever ya'll. Fuck all 'dem haters/fakers. Reppin real los/lettes. MMFWCL to my family.

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