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"Judy Garland worked for nearly forty-five of her
forty-seven years. She made thirty-two feature films, did
voice-over work for two more, and appeared in at least a
half dozen short subjects. She received a special Academy
Award and was nominated for two others. She starred in
thirty of her own television shows (the programs and
Garland herself garnering a total of ten Emmy Award
nominations) and appeared as a guest on nearly thirty more.
Between 1951 and 1969, she fulfilled over eleven hundred
theatre, nightclub and concert More...

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Review about Judy Garland songs
notes flow | Reviewer: 13lilacs
    ------ About the song I'm Always Chasing Rainbows performed by Judy Garland

The way the notes flow and musically turn about is very genius. I love the way the particular notes of this song were composed. There are some peculiarities in it but it more than works. This song is a gem.

Actual Lyricist | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I'm Always Chasing Rainbows performed by Judy Garland

Lyricist for "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows" is shown as Joseph McCarthy on the 1917 sheet music front page, visible on the Wikipedia article and is also correctly listed on your information on this site. However the google search captions and short blurb for your site would lead one to believe that Judy Garland not only sang the lyrics, but that she wrote them, which we all know is not the case. Is google responsible for correcting the accuracy of their captions and blurbs or are you?

Oh my lord, you want me, a gay man, to review a Judy Garland song with the title "The Man That Got Away?"..hows this... | Reviewer: Cryin Cyrus
    ------ About the song The Man That Got Away performed by Judy Garland

I'll leave my review to another cultural icon, one Archie Bunker..

"goon night nurse"..how's that?

If I were to use my own words they might sound something like "get me to a bar, you don't even have to stay with me, just get me to the closest bar, prop me up, give the bartender my credit card, my home address and twenty bucks for the cab he'll have to pour me into after my breakdown then leave".

Yeah, that's about right! That's my review! Hope you liked it! :o)

Family favorite | Reviewer: Aileen
    ------ About the song I Was Born In Michigan performed by Judy Garland

This song has been a favorite of our family for years and we all sing it whenever we cross the state line back to Michigan; however, the younger people believe their aunt made it up. thank you for this site. Judy Garland is quite a bit better than the old aunt!

.... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas performed by Judy Garland

i live with just my sibling and our parents live four states away..due to the current economic situation they had to find work elsewhere. its been almost 4 years without them on Christmas

wrong, so wrong... | Reviewer: josh
    ------ About the song The Trolley Song performed by Judy Garland

The problem with pages like this they get the lyrics wrong... your order is wrong. Listen to the song and proof read before you post. Another reason americans are stupid and lazy. Check your work. It takes 5 minutes. I'm just saying

alternate lyrics (based on the Big Bands) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song How About You? performed by Judy Garland

I like Gene Krupa's drums, how about you?
And Charlie Christian's strums, how about you?
Benny Goodman's clarinet tingles thru my spine
And Satchmo's trumpet sound is too divine
I like the Kenton band and Artie's too
And Tommy Dorsey's band, how about you?
Lindy Hopping all night long
Jitterbugging till the dawn
May not be new, but I like it, how about you?

"Girl Crazy" | Reviewer: jim
    ------ About the song But Not For Me performed by Judy Garland

"But Not For Me" with music by George Gershwin and lyrics by his brother Ira, was introduced in the 1929 Broadway musical review "Girl Crazy", which starred Ethel Merman and a very young and talented Ginger Rogers. This musical contained several of Gershwin's most popular and enduring standards, including "I've Got Rhythmn" and "Embraceable You", which actually occassioned the first dance between Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire. Astaire was starring with his sister, Adele, in another Broadway production. The producers of "Girl Crazy" were having difficulty choreographing the steps for "Embraceable You", and at George Gershwin's suggestion, Astaire was brought over to help with the choreography. He stepped in and helped Ginger Rogers with several travel steps - which led to at least one date and a brief romance. They, of course, reunited in Hollywood several years later and achieved terpsichorean immortality!

Great Memories | Reviewer: Ruth
    ------ About the song Look for the Silver Lining performed by Judy Garland

I am now 72 years old and I first heard this song in a movie with the same title.....starring June Haver, Ray Bolger and Gordon McRae........I was about 9 or 10 years old and my Uncle had taken me and my Mother to see it.....my Uncle said I never moved off the edge of my chair. Just to-night my husband and I watched a movie from 1942 titled Random Harvest and for some reason it reminded me of Look for the silver lining.........I began to sing it in my head and then out loud and lo and behold I remembered almost all the words to it, but came in here to fill in the blanks..........what wonderful memories. Now I wish I could hear it, but for some reason my computer is not letting me play it. I've turned off my Pop-Up blocker but still to no avail.

Wonderful! | Reviewer: Alissa
    ------ About the song The Boy Next Door performed by Judy Garland

I love this song so much! It is a touching cute song about young love and not only was this good in the movie version of the show, but, also in the actual show! I happen to be in Meet Me in St. Louis right now. If anyone would like to come see it you can buy tickets for the real thing (NOT the movie) at www.kofpplayers.com.

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