Judas Priest Lyrics

Judas Priest was one of the most influential heavy metal
bands of the '70s, spearheading the New Wave of British
Heavy Metal late in the decade. Decked out in leather and
chains, the band fused the gothic doom of Black Sabbath
with the riffs and speed of Led Zeppelin, as well as adding
a vicious two-lead guitar attack; in doing so, they set the
pace for much popular heavy metal from 1975 until 1985, as
well as laying the groundwork for the speed and death metal
of the '80s. Formed in Birmingham, England, in 1970, the
group's core More...

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Review about Judas Priest songs
judas priest and sabbath with ozzy r definitely | Reviewer: tom cremeens
    ------ About the song You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise performed by Judas Priest

Judas Priest in Black Sabbath with the are definitely the to the greatest man in the whole world however some of the bed you mentioned totally suck and don't belong in the same breathe with priest and old Sabbath...albums like technical xtacy and sabotage volume 4 and Sabbath bloody Sabbath are the most underrated albums by Sabbath I get so sick of hearing warpigs and paranoid defining what this band was all about....listen to dirty women and hole in the sky and ull know what I'm talking about sunny....

Tsch.. Atheists.. | Reviewer: Jade
    ------ About the song Angel performed by Judas Priest

Atheists always cry about people supposedly "shoving religion down everyone throats" yet I mostly just see Atheists insulting other people, their beliefs and God. Honestly, do Atheists not believe in God or do they believe in God but just hate God? I feel the latter is true considering how they blame all the "bad things" on God and constantly insult someone they don't "believe exists".

It's rather about Rob's Guardian Angel | Reviewer: leaven
    ------ About the song Angel performed by Judas Priest

Johnny Rebel open your ears. This song is not about evil angel. Listen to Halford's Winter Songs if you have any doubt. Ad noctis, Jesus is not a myth. He is real living man and God. And don't tell me you can't rely on someone you can't see. We are surrounded by lots of things, energies we cannot see but they are powerful and real. Wind, radio waves, dark matter and lots of other things. Don't limit yourself to your sense of sight only. The world is much more than this and remember one day you will meet Jesus face to face, no matter what religion you profess or not.

Hypnotics | Reviewer: Chris J
    ------ About the song Dreamer Deceiver performed by Judas Priest

Visiting a relative in Canada at twelve years old, I had a couple of cassette tapes with me. A guy I met for the first time happened to really like the Motley Crue tape I had and asked to trade for his Sad Wings of Destiny cassette. I'd never hear it before, but loved Judas Priest AND I had two of the Motley Crue tapes, so I said yes. As I got older and got my license, my brother and I would ride around in my car for hours listening to this tape over and over as if in a hypnotic state. I'm much older now and listen to my CD of Sad Wings, it just never gets old. Beautiful simplicity in music, I Love IT!

killing machine | Reviewer: saroj tamang
    ------ About the song Killing Machine performed by Judas Priest

hey i'm the best killing machine taht no that no one can stand against me. i'm the fighter from eternity. i'm the killing machine who only know to kill. born to fight my father use to tell who never knew of falling down. kill or be killed is our destiny to be.

sword's and spear's never needed in my hand my fist is enough to kill the thousands of men. i never stop i never fall down from my fight. fight and kill till his soul beg for his mercy. fight and kill till gasping for his last breath. fight and kill cause i'm the killing machine..

each glory i have made by my own strength. scar of extermination named forever for my strength.cause no no one stand when my fist rises. all they fall like a thorn. mercy which i have never known. kingdom of heaven shall fall all round destruction remember me i'm the killing machine.........

Terrafic | Reviewer: Thingshingam
    ------ About the song Breaking The Law performed by Judas Priest

Yeah this is one of my best metal songs i began to listen this song when i was 10 (now im 13) i love to listen metal songs.the vocal and the 2 guitarist are really terrafic .They(judas priest)are really terrafic

Kick Ass!! | Reviewer: Paul Hutchinson
    ------ About the song Painkiller performed by Judas Priest

This song is one of my all time favorites. Brings back memories from a time almost forgotten. KK Downing and Glen Tipton are two of the all time best lead duo's (apart from Kerry King and the Late Jeff Hanneman may he Rest In Peace). And Rob Halford's voice in unmistakeable, truly one of the greatest frontmen of all time. If it could possibly be true, I am actually partial to the cover of this song that the late Chuck Schuldner of Death (May HE Rest In Peace also)did. It is one of my favorite Death performed songs, and possibly the BEST cover of ALL TIME! If you love this song, give Death's version a listen and you will probably be amazed.

Priest | Reviewer: P811
    ------ About the song Blood Red Skies performed by Judas Priest

i remember this as a kid i played a sim called F-19 stealth on the Commodore 64 and i listened to this through my head phones as i took off foar a mission
absolutley one of Priests best

Judas Priest evolves with a long-awaited epic ballad | Reviewer: Michael Moore
    ------ About the song Lochness performed by Judas Priest

This is one of those rock songs that prods fans to gather round, be seated and listen to a story: in this case, the saga of the "Loch Ness monster."
While this may confuse and perplex the energetic Metal-head who longs for the next speed-thrash song to ring in his ears, it's a musical achievement of many moods, and a treat to the ears, if you can just sit still and enjoy.
The music is both classical (with its highs and lows, and changing rhythms,) and symphonic in the way it churns out a melody sounding like the monster himself squirming down in the deep, as people wonder when he will next appear, if at all.
I played it around a neighborhood campfire and the flames added to the eerie effect of the music, and several mates of mine asked, "Where'd you get this?" I told them it's the "new" Judas Priest. Enough said.

What? | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song The Rage performed by Judas Priest

In this day and age, who cares who is what. He is a man in a band that makes great music. Gay or not, I would love to spend the day with Rob talking shit about anything. Rock the fuck on!

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