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Manfred Mann's Earth Band Joybringer Lyrics

Last updated: 06/15/2009 11:00:00 AM

I bring joy, and I can take you through,
All those days when people seem to get to you.
I bring joy, and I come here to you.

I bring life, and I can take you where
You can see, and feel, and breathe, and touch the air.
I bring life and I can take you there.

Feelings inside that we keep
Out of sight and out of reach
Bring us to the things we seek

Take your time, remember when you do
There are days when people feel the same as you.
I bring time, and I can take you through

I bring joy...

Thanks to Jim McKenna for submitting Joybringer Lyrics.

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Manfred manns Joybringers | Reviewer: JoeFLash | 6/13/09

When I first heard this 1973 Classic on the Radio...I could never tell if it was the one that sang the 1964 Classic Do Wah Ditty Ditty, Pretty Flamingo or in 1968 The Mighty Quinn, Though As the Years went by Manfred Mann's Lyrics changed Dramatically among them the 1976 Classic Blinded By the Light, Spirits in the night, For You and in 1984 Ian Thomas's remake version of The Runner!!!

This song Joybringers sounded like The Christian Music movement was just getting started along with Debby Boones You Light Up my life among others that came out 3 Years later after this hit Joybringers...a beautiful song I must say that Manfred mann wrote and a hard to find classic as well!!!