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Major Accident Joy Rider Lyrics

Last updated: 11/14/2007 10:00:00 AM

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A cabriolet GTI there for the taking,
Fast and furious a joy ride in the making,
In seconds flat you're behind the wheel,
Ignition jumped it's a great steal.


Impress your mates driving around,
Looking for talent
cruising up around the town,
You get your girls 'n drive real fast,
To screams 'n' thrills how long will it last.


Blue lights flashing the chase is on,
Pedal to the metal you're on the run,
you're in a skid out of control
Screams from the back car starts to roll.

Friends are all dead who is to blame,
In a mangled wreck life will
never seem the same,
By the road side some children played,
Panic on their faces before being slayed

Joy riding a joy for who
Cheap thrills leading to a kill,
Joy riding a joy for who not for those
who's kids you kill,
Joy riding a joy for who
doesn't matter who's blood you spill,
Joy riding a joy for who
cheap thrills leading to a kill.

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