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With the possible exception of the Velvet Underground, no
band has had a greater impact on the shape of music in the
post-modern era than the Manchester, UK quartet known as
Joy Division.

It is not simply that Joy Division fashioned an ambient,
heavy-laden and emotionally charged sound since echoed by
scores of other bands. It's not that the group itself has
spawned an offshootNew Order that continues to push the
outside of the alternative envelope. It's not even that
founder and lead singer Ian Curtis, who took his life
fifteen More...

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Review about Joy Division songs
    ------ About the song Isolation performed by Joy Division

A beautiful song about the sorrows of an introvert, socially phobic individual, who suffers from his fear and inability, which has been caused by a series of severe social disappointments. Always concerned of what others might think of him, a very emotional being that is condemned to never pursue his desires. His pain remains unnoticed, his feelings unarticulated.

The only consolation he gets out of it is his sensitive mind, his vivid and complex interior experience that he can retreat to.
The beauty he finds there may shade him from the cruel world outside from time to time.

The Noble Lie | Reviewer: Truth
    ------ About the song Atrocity Exhibition performed by Joy Division

Its remarkable for me at least that Ian had such an understanding of the order of things at his tender age, at least that's my perception, of the lyrical meaning in this song. The songs lyrics may indeed also reflect his own role, as it was probably becoming increasingly apparent. Atrocity exhibition demonstrates ians understanding of humanity throughout the ages, 'the order of things', mercenary hand indeed.
Humanity is unflinchingly understood; brutal vain and on the side of err, and its quite clear by the closing lines, what will be repeated.

A truly masterpiece!! | Reviewer: Liselotte Frejdig
    ------ About the song In A Lonely Place performed by Joy Division

This song is one of one the five-in-top best songs ever!! Yes, I have heard it with Ian singing.. It surely gives me goose bobs.. R.I.P. Ian curtis 15/7 56 - 18/5 -80 Always in my heart!!

... | Reviewer: dree
    ------ About the song She's Lost Control performed by Joy Division

believe honestly anyone with any disorder causing extreme confusion & or delusion this song could very much apply to. obviously , Ian being epileptic & few lines in song about kicking about on floor are surely about just that. feel many can and always will honestly relate to this song on a very deep level ( not only because its a "best of" ).

meaning | Reviewer: redprince
    ------ About the song She's Lost Control performed by Joy Division

I love this song, but it bothers me when people adamantly state what a song is about and then try to correct people who have a different interpretation... why can't you just let people have their own meanings to things... this also applies to other art, movies, books, and even life itself through religion and differing philosophies... i have my own meanings, you have yours, i actually like hearing different meanings to things... but it seems like most people get insulted,angry,violent if your meanings don't match theirs...

To me the meaning of this song has nothing to do with epilepsy, (Even if Ian Curtis explained his meaning behind it in an interview back when he was still alive, I will keep my own meaning... even if he came back to haunt me as a ghost, i will keep my own meaning) but I'm not going to share my meaning, my interpretation of it, just because i know someone will try to "correct" me about it when there is nothing to correct, and then they would dissect my meaning to try to "prove" to me how "wrong" i am... and just all that bullshit from some know-it-all-set-in-stone-shitwad would ruin the song for me because then i might associate this song with that...

everything is relative, there is no "one true way", even science has shown that matter and energy can be affected and change depending upon if they are being observed... and if you disagree with what i say here, that's fine, that's still how you see it and in no way does it prove anyone "right" or "wrong"...

    ------ About the song Love Will Tear Us Apart performed by Joy Division

This lyrics say what happened in my life a few months ago.
When routine bites hard.
Changing our ways,
Taking different roads.
I loved her so much.
I have failed, making you love me, Bina I'll love you Foreever.

A song with a deeper meaning | Reviewer: Oliver Rhodes
    ------ About the song She's Lost Control performed by Joy Division

I'm autistic. I know this song is about epilepsy. But I also feel that the song connects with how people can lose control of who they are because what they have is stronger than their confidence. Ian Curtis, genius and a legend for sure.

snakes | Reviewer: slave
    ------ About the song Atrocity Exhibition performed by Joy Division

this song could perhaps relate to the world and it's people as a whole. some are tortured by the horrors of this race, while others have the money to sit back and watch it happen, and pay for certain "atrocity exhibitions" (i.e., television, brutality in the media, etc.)

Ian curtis rules | Reviewer: Lord vader
    ------ About the song Love Will Tear Us Apart performed by Joy Division

Wow this song makes me cry everytime i listen it, ian if i ever find u someday wherever u r i just would like 2 ask u this: why u left us?poor troubled soul, u singed this song trying 2 find relief on it but every line broke ur heart . Rest in peace ian curtis and thanks 4 a beautiful song writed with all ur pain.

It's about Ian | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Atrocity Exhibition performed by Joy Division

I think Ian's writing simply about how he's become a some kind of show. Freak show maybe. Altough there might be some deeper explanation, dunno.
Tis some amazing band and amazing lyricist.

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