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Movies Soundtracks Journey To The past Lyrics

Last updated: 05/07/2012 08:56:43 PM

Heart don't fail me now,
Courage don't desert me,
Don't turn back now that we're here.

People always say,
Life is full of choices,
No one ever mentions fear.

Or how the world can seem so vast
On a journey to the past.

Somewhere down this road,
I know someone's waiting,
Years of dreams just can't be wrong.

Arms will open wide,
I'll be safe and wanted,
Finally home where I belong.

well, starting now im learning fast
On this journey to the past.

Home, Love, Family
There was once a time I must have had them too.
Home, Love, Family
I will never be complete until I find you.

One step at a time,
One hope then another,
Who knows where this road may go?

Back to who I was,
On to find my future,
Things my heart still needs to know.

Yes, let this be a sign,
Let this road be mine,
Let it lead me to my past.
And bring me home,
At last!

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Aha!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/10

This is my favorite musical EVER!!!! I love all of the songs and I love the story line!! The dresses are amazing, a friend of mine and I have her parents names and we liked each other for a while. Haha. But this seriously is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING musical!! They should make it into a stage play.

Amazing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/09

I love this song and the whole movie too! My favorite songs from Anastasia are Journey to the past and Once Upon A December! I sang this at an audition for my local theatre, and it went really well! It's just such and amazing song!

Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: anonymous | 7/7/08

I'm a HUGE fan of musicals. This song is really amazing i love it.As a matter of fact, i just bought this song on itunes. It really is wonderful.The whole family can enjoy this song and also the movie(If the family likes musicals)!

Standing Ovation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: anonymous | 7/7/08

I am a huge fan of musicals!I found this movie in my grandmother's house a couple years back and i still remember the songs!When I watched this movie for the first time' I fell in love with it.I love all the songs.They are truely amazing. It's hard to believe that not that many people have seen this movie.It's a movie that the whole family can enjoy and sing along to(if that family loves musicals or loves to sing)!:)

Anon.! (Y) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/08

I love ALL the Anastacia songs, I think they are beautiful. My favourites are Once Upon A December and Journey To The Past, they are fantastic. Love the film. It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Brilliant! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/07

No one ever pays attention to the good songs that win awards. This song, along with Once Upon A December, In the Dark of the Night, and Learn to Do It are what made The movie Anastasia a big success. this is a beautiful song!