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This wasn't supposed to be the world's first taste of Joss
Stone. We just got lucky. As Joss was preparing to record
what was supposed to be her debut album, she was introduced
to some of the legends whose classic records she loved: The
"Clean Up Woman," Miss Betty Wright, Timmy "Why Can't We
Live Together" Thomas, Willie "Little Beaver" Hale, and
Latimore, whose single "Let's Straighten It Out" still
ranks as a peak of sultry '70's soul.

Release dates to be damned, Joss put her own songs on hold
in favor of spending some time in More...

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Review about Joss Stone songs
My brother | Reviewer: Tanya
    ------ About the song Daniel performed by Joss Stone

this song reminds me of my baby brother Jason and he has some problems but not as bad as cutting himself i just hope my brother knows that no matter what i love him with all my heart

Greatest Feeling | Reviewer: Danny P.
    ------ About the song Security performed by Joss Stone

Hi, my name is Danny P. this was the very first song I wrote with Joss Stone and Steve Greenberg when she was only 15 years old when Steve brought me in to meet meet her after he had just signed her. I remember that day like it was yesterday, I started playing some chords on the wurlitzer and we wrote the song and recorded it in about 2 hours. It pleases me more than anything reading the comments and how this song has been comforting to many people. Years later, and I'm now going through my own difficulties and I'm online and decided to listen to this song as well and it has so much more meaning to me with the positive lyrics to help surmount these tough times. I'm happy that God inspired us that day knowing that it would help you wonderful people through your hardship. I wish you all the best and thanks for letting my creativity be part of your lives.

Kind Regards,
Daniel "Danny P." Pierre

i wanna cry :( | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Security performed by Joss Stone

this song has so much meaning to me in two ways! it told me to let go of my first love and move on. he did and i had to also.
it also had a meaning for the 3 years my father beat on me and left me in the walmart parking lot.
we performed this song at the 2008 pride convention for the abused kids and i was a dancer in the song. it means so much to me.

pretty damn spoiled | Reviewer: chloe
    ------ About the song Spoiled performed by Joss Stone

brings back the hurt and everything. i really dont know why i left my ex for. though he cheated on me but i wasnt ready to let go. and yeah this song is totally similar to my life. i couldnt get over that jerk until very recently. but i'm still blocking out other guys. so WOW, THIS IS A REAL POWERFUL SONG BY LOVELY JOSS STONE!!!

Spoiled (To have and to lose) | Reviewer: TCL
    ------ About the song Spoiled performed by Joss Stone

The Lyrical content in this song is of a story i believe of two people from different parts of the word say Italy and England never realising the power of their LOVE until it was too late.But then hoping for that chance to rekindle again looking at the pictures of the pass holding on to every moment of a cloud.

;] heyyyy! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Security performed by Joss Stone

Well.. joss stone is awesome i absolutly love her album, this song 'Security' means so much to me. It felt like my life was beginning to go down hill, i started losing my friends and i thought people didnt believe in me and what i could do. I always got put down for doing the things i wanted to to, like becoming a model for 'pretty polly' i would love to do that.. then i came across this song on joss's album and it really matched my life. I needed something to make me believe i could do anything i put my mind to and now i want to be a model more than anything. This song is everything i could have wished for at that time. I love all of her album but this song is really special, went im not feeling happy with my self i flick the song on and take time out to think about the things thats happened in my life.
Thankyou so much Joss!

Can't live without him. | Reviewer: Ashley
    ------ About the song Spoiled performed by Joss Stone

This song reminds me of my boyfriend and I, We've been dating for nearly a year. And I actually felt all these emotions. It's been a tough year. And I could never get over him, and nor could I ever love someone else, because he's made it impossible to do.

I Love you Ri. xxx
Always and forever.

yaay | Reviewer: cleo
    ------ About the song Holding Out for a Hero performed by Joss Stone

i love this song to pieces but i desperately want to know how to play it, if anyone knows a good website i can get music from or a video demo of how to play it, it would be much appreciated, please email me xxx


Full of Love 4 U | Reviewer: kammei
    ------ About the song Understand performed by Joss Stone

i've known about joss since the beginning and this is one of her best love songs, the song is perfect for those couples out there who are happy and in love that songs really makes you smile, well... it makes me smile, i know that im in love i feel that way about my guy and i want him to know i love him no matter what, and that was joss's way and i think the song is AWSOME!!!

certainly helpful | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Security performed by Joss Stone

This song made me cry for the first time about an important loss in my life.I just realised that I needed to cry and let him is over, and I can´t change the past...but I can change the future...can´t I?
Thanks Joss!;)

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