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This wasn't supposed to be the world's first taste of Joss Stone. We just got lucky. As Joss was preparing to record what was supposed to be her debut album, she was introduced to some of the legends whose classic records she loved: The "Clean Up Woman," Miss Betty Wright, Timmy "Why Can't We Live Together" Thomas, Willie "Little Beaver" Hale, and Latimore, whose single "Let's Straighten It Out" still ranks as a peak of sultry '70's soul.

Release dates to be damned, Joss put her own songs on hold in favor of spending some time in the studio with those architects of the Miami Soul sound. From there she ended up in Philadelphia with the masterminds of
contemporary soul and R&B, The Roots. What started out as a side project
grew into an obsession for everyone involved.

Completed in only four days, The Soul Sessions is a collection of classics and little-known soul gems alongside some contemporary tracks re-interpreted by Joss and her titanic band of accomplices. We're unveiling her spine-bending take on "Chokin' Kind" to introduce you to her extraordinary voice, but to see just how far she can push a song, hold your breath until you hear her cover of 'The White Stripes' "Fell In Love With A Boy."

The Soul Sessions will be released on September 16, 2003. While you're soul-deep in that disc, Joss will be back at work writing and recording her "other" first album. Later than we expected, but well worth the delay, that "official" debut CD is due in your stereo by early 2004.

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Joss: Good House Keeper | Reviewer: Dirty Man | 10/16/2007

Not much words...Joss IS Soul Lady of our times...I'm 28, I know som' about classic soul - not too much - bt what I want to say is: If this is soul music then's Great! I salute you Joss.

luv it luv | Reviewer: Apri Darnell | 6/1/2007

you are the greatest .I luv everything you do and i hope you stay around becaues your voice is beautiful and soulful much luv and keep it up. Stay sexy cuz I know I will

luv it luv | Reviewer: Apri Darnell | 6/1/2007

you are the greatest .I luv everything you do and i hope you stay around becaues your voice is beautiful and soulful much luv and keep it up

Joss rocks ! | Reviewer: Andy INNES | 2/23/2007

Joss STONE, the 'overnight' sensation. An old soul in a fine young lady's body. A soulful, youthful 'Anastasia'. If you like her but want a more mellow , gentler singer, check out Joss. You'll love her, I know I do. Now starring in "Eragon", the Dragon movie too, so she's versatile as well. Go Joss, the world needs more soul, and God knows it needs more classy singers and quality music !!

JOSH STONE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/2005


WOW!!!! Joss Stone will be around for a LONG time!!!! | Reviewer: Dave Petersen | 2/28/2005

Well, I just got done seeing Joss on Austin City Limits and HAD to do a search to find out more about this beautiful lady with the most incredibly powerful, soulful voice I have heard in I can't remember how long!!! I am a 40 year old drummer and have been listening to all styles of music since I was 10 years old.... There have only been a few artists that blew me away like Joss just did! I can't say much other than BUY her stuff and strap yourself in for a REAL treat!! I guarantee you will be surprised, entertained and left wanting more!!! Dave Petersen

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