Josh Turner Albums

  • Punching Bag Album (6/1/2012)
    Punching Bag
    Time Is Love
    Deeper Than My Love
    Good Problem
    Cold Shoulder
    Find Me A Baby
    Whatcha Reckon
    For The Love Of God
    I Was There
    Left Hand Man

  • Haywire Album (2/9/2010)
    Why Don't We Just Dance
    I Wouldn't Be A Man
    Your Smile
    Lovin' You On My Mind
    As Fast As I Could
    I'll Be There
    All Over Me
    Eye Candy
    Friday Paycheck
    The Answer
    This Kind Of Love
    Let's Find A Church

  • Everything Is Fine Album (10/30/2007)
    Everything Is Fine
    Another Try
    So Not My Baby
    Baby, I Go Crazy
    Nowhere Fast
    The Longer The Waiting (The Sweeter The Kiss)
    One Woman Man
    The Way He Was Raised
    South Carolina Low Country

  • Your Man Album (1/24/2006)
    Would You Go With Me
    Baby's Gone Home To Mama
    No Rush
    Your Man
    Loretta Lynn's Lincoln
    White Noise
    Angels Fall Sometimes
    Lord Have Mercy On A Country Boy
    Me And God
    Way Down South

  • Long Black Train Album (10/14/2003)

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    69/100 | Reviewer: Kevin Drewett
        ------ About the album Long Black Train performed by Josh Turner

    Beautiful from start to finish. Simple sound, and Easy to understand. This song represents the christian faiths well. It also shows why people stay on the straight and narrow in an understandable euphemism. The back sounds and use of re-verb add to the quality. However, even with as little that is wrong with it, it just dose not compare the songs that i have placed in higher regard. Though it is amazing the topic narrows the audience and restricts creative imagination in self visualization. And those are some issues that have killed songs that i have herd in the past.

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