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The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter catches the Idaho
musician in the midst of a radical transformation. While
last year's The Animal Years had Ritter thinking about the
state of the nation, his latest offering finds him pining
for Joan of Arc, Calamity Jane and Florence Nightingale,
all of whom seem to be stuck together in the belly of a
whale, a la Jonah. He also manages to squeeze in a few
admiring words about ladies¹ underwear‹and that¹s well
before Ritter, backed by drums, bass and organ and
cacophony, arrives at a More...

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looking for a ballad!!! | Reviewer: elizabeth edwards
    ------ About the song Monster Ballads performed by Josh Ritter

this ballad is supposively from a kehler or garrison. however, i have had alot of trouble finding this particular ballad. a phrase of the lyrics are "there's no sense to bitch about it cause we all know what's gone wrong" ; it was written in either the 70's or 80's. i've heard the actual ballad was written for a woman , that is who he is suppose to be singing to. the ballad might even be a woman's name. -if you have any info. on this email me please! i have been looking for this song forever. it is kind of a sad song about the world. please contact me about this if anyone knows about it. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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