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Josh Groban has a story as compelling and real as you are
likely to hear in the world of pop or classical music.
Discovered by world-renowned producer/writer/arranger David
Foster, Josh's journey to his label home, the Foster/Warner
Bros. joint venture - 143 Records - reads like the stuff of
show business legend.

"I've had an interesting route getting to this place," says
Josh. That 'place' he speaks of finds him releasing a
Foster-helmed debut album featuring the likes of Charlotte
Church, The Corrs, Rhys Fulber and Lili Haydn. Not More...

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Review about Josh Groban songs
Got no idea for a title atm | Reviewer: Mina
    ------ About the song Troy performed by Josh Groban

This song is just wow reminds me of someone special wondering if he remembers me some a days or not but a perfect song for totally perfect movie!! <3

For David | Reviewer: Tricia kendrick
    ------ About the song To Where You Are performed by Josh Groban

I heard this song in Manchester this year at a show and cried all through it ,My lovely husband died in 2011 ,My friend went on twitter to the singer and heard it was a Josh Grogan song , The words are exactly how I feel and since I lost my husband I will think and remember him each time I play it , I live in Uk and will hope to come to a concert if you are ever over here ,x

The God who takes us to unimaginable levels! | Reviewer: Suh
    ------ About the song You Raise Me Up performed by Josh Groban

As I drove this morning and prayed for my friend who is to undergo an operation, this song came to mind and at the same time it played on my car's MP3 player. I know all is well, as we surrender everything into God's hands. Thank you Josh Groban for such soul-searching inspiration. May God continue to put such beautiful wordings into your mouth, as you sing to His glory.

Wonderful Song | Reviewer: Kent B.
    ------ About the song You Raise Me Up performed by Josh Groban

I came here to lookup the lyrics for "You Raise Me Up" after watching & hearing Daniel Furlong sing it.

The lyrics & the music are incredibly beautiful.
and the message is wonderfully optimistic.

Great | Reviewer: Priest Naka haka hackka
    ------ About the song You Raise Me Up performed by Josh Groban

It is a great song to play when you are sacra directing bodies to the great lord kuthulu. I love it when the body rolls off the alter as it says " You raise me up so I can walk on mountains."

Seems I'm late hearing this song, but - everyone's got an opinion, right? | Reviewer: Teri Connolly
    ------ About the song Weeping performed by Josh Groban

This song blew me away. Immediately it's obvious it could relate to many issues. So much pain. For me it immediately took me to the VA and all the Vietnam Vets still suffering from their experiences; still asking the Va for the benefits due them. So many Vietnam Vets who suffered have died waiting for validation and benefits from the Country they served. Mine is one who remain haunted and tortured by experiences that are as alive to him today as when they occurred in 69-71. So emotional and presented with grace and respect. Love it.

To Terri | Reviewer: Audrey
    ------ About the song Believe performed by Josh Groban

I don't know if you will read this because your post is from December of 2012. I lost my Mom also in Sept 2012 unexpectedly and she was my best friend also...the love of my life. We did everything together and was so much fun. I have taken very very hard as well and miss her like crazy and cry all the time. I was having an extremely hard day today....have an important final in college to study for and cannot seem to get through the day. I asked my Mom for a sign today and know she is always around and watching over me. On the way to the library I heard this song "Believe" on the radio and it really touched me and I thought it was so beautiful. I looked up to see who sings it and came upon this website and after reading aboutvhow you feel it is a song that comes on when you are feeling sad or down and you the you know it is your Mom guiding you I know it was my Mom guiding me as well. Terri I am so sorry for your loss and it is so difficult and with the holidays coming up it is hard to get through the day. But just know our Mom's are watching over us and I know my Mom wants me to do good in after hearing this song and reading your post I am going to conquer the day, get on with my studying and give a big smile to my Mom up in the heavenly skies for being there for me and watching over me. Next time I hear this song again I will know it is my Mom supporting me and I will also think of your post. Now I can get on with my day. Believe is a beautiful song.

Soul uplifting song | Reviewer: Preschy Orah
    ------ About the song You Raise Me Up performed by Josh Groban

Through all the troubles that i went through in life, through the thickness and the tough routes of life, i can still walk tall, listening to this song and understanding that the sharpening process of the pencil is very painful but at the end it does a beautiful job, i know everything happens for a reason. With God in my life "no weapon formed against me shall prosper."

luv this song | Reviewer: tori
    ------ About the song Believe performed by Josh Groban

I absolutely love this song its one of my favorite choir song this so g makes me feel like Santa is out there and that he does exist and not believe what other people believe. Santa always made me to stay up at night and wait for him

R.I.P. Alex Lopez | Reviewer: Christel
    ------ About the song To Where You Are performed by Josh Groban

Today is the first time I heard this song. No I don't live under a rock! Lol but when I listened to the lyrics it made me think of my soulmate and best friend Alex. He was only 28 when he passed. There are days I swear I hear his.voice and smell his smell. This song helps me know that he is always.with me.

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