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The following biography info is from Joseph Arther's
offical website:

- Akron, Ohio

Current Residence
- New York City

- Come to Where I'm From (2000), Real World/Virgin Records.
Produced by T Bone Burnett, Joseph Arthur and Rick Will,
and mixed by Rick Will and Tchad Blake. Come to Where I'm
From includes original artwork by Joseph Arthur.
- Vacancy (1999), Undercover Records EP. Earned 1999 Grammy
Nomination for Best Recording Package.
- Big City Secrets (1997), Real World.

Other Projects
- Joseph contributed a More...

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Review about Joseph Arthur songs
Missed her so much... | Reviewer: Michael
    ------ About the song Honey and the Moon performed by Joseph Arthur

I don't what to say really but everytime when i listen this song i remember her...─░ still cant forget you...Happy 3 anniversary without me,my love, i'll always love you even you dont love me...

forbidden treasures | Reviewer: Maria eva x
    ------ About the song Evidence performed by Joseph Arthur

Jy is my adam , die rockster van my hart, my oseaan is jou dna wat deur my are vloei, my groen weivelde is in jou arms, jy is die koning van my hart, en ek roep jou terug, ek is jammer vir my sondes, ek is jammer ek was nie rein nie, vergewe jou vroutjie asb

<3 | Reviewer: S
    ------ About the song Honey and the Moon performed by Joseph Arthur

This song remembers me of my best friend Natalie.
She is the honey and the moon that lights up my night.
ever since I've been with her
she holds me up
all the time I'm falling down.
And when I hold her hand, I forget all my sorrows. cause i know as long as I'm with her.. everything is alright.
please never leave mee !

great song | Reviewer: taylor
    ------ About the song Honey and the Moon performed by Joseph Arthur

I absolutely love this song and I think when he saying "all your dreams are waking up" and "right now everything you want is wrong" I think what the situation is that the girl in the song is younger than him and all she's carefree and not worrying about anything serious and he is older and even though he really loves he and wishes he can be as happy and carefree as her he knows that he can't "Right now" but great song heard it first on the O.C. favorite show untill marrisa dies :(

Cool song | Reviewer: Cody H
    ------ About the song Stumble and pain performed by Joseph Arthur

I found this song on the first episode of True Blood. It plays during that incredible scene with Sookie and Bill in Merlott's (near the end of the episode). Some of the words are very hard to understand, but I think this site has got it 100% right. Thanks!

In his car..I'll never forget that day | Reviewer: Y
    ------ About the song Honey and the Moon performed by Joseph Arthur

We were driving in his car when this song came on, and I sang along..then he asked me where do I know it from. I wish I can remember more of the time I spent with him and more of the words he said, I miss them.
He is something special that I will never forget in my whole life. He is one of a kind.
I miss him so much.
If he only knew..if I haven't made all these stupid mistakes that I'm still making I would've followed the shores of freedome.
I love you F.

shut the light on me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Invisible hands performed by Joseph Arthur

this is a beautiful song. it moves me everytime i hear it. my friend passed away when we were pretty young and this song always reminds me of her a lot. i have a picture of her on a cork board in my room and the one verse really hits home for me:

"Well I don't know now where you are
Your photograph sits like a scar against my wall
Such a pretty face
The sunshine in your eyes
Taken on that day
When all we had was love"

my love | Reviewer: ksyy
    ------ About the song Honey and the Moon performed by Joseph Arthur

this is the song I dedicated to my ex when we broke up ... we were still very much in love and so sure we're meant to be together... but it's just too soon.. we're too young for forever..and so that summer he was leaving for Greece in a vacation so .. that's why I wish I could follow him ... to the shores of freedom ... where no one lives..

Truth. | Reviewer: Moriah
    ------ About the song Honey and the Moon performed by Joseph Arthur

This song is exactly what's happening with me at this time in my life. It's definatly about lovers that can't have each other because of a guilt that the guy has. My boy has the same problem. He feels guilt that he is ruining me and that I'm losing my potential and am not thinking straight. I know he would like me to be myself and not like him so I don't mess up my life but it's very difficult. I love him a lot and I know he loves me to, but right now, all my dreams are waking up and right now, he wishes he could follow me, to freedom. Because he knows that's where I'm going. I hope he can come with...

beautiful | Reviewer: monica
    ------ About the song Honey and the Moon performed by Joseph Arthur

such a beautiful song.
it's about the heaviness and depth and complexity of loving someone. Sometimes it comes in the wrong time and you just wish all the shit could go away and you could just be with that one person but it just comes at the wrong time and you're heartbroken

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