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Jose Guapo Biography

Last updated: 04/23/2013 05:10:13 PM

Jose Guapo is a 19 yr old African American native from Zone 3 Atlanta, GA, but was born and raised in several projects of the Metro Atlanta City. Jose Guapo is a die hard rock star in love wit money & girls. Formerly member of the Atlanta rap group “The Rich Kidz” it was his voice that brought you “My Patna Dem” featuring Young Dro in 2009. Guap now solo he’s soley making a name for himself wit inspiration from family & friends to be #1. Guap or Guinap as some might say is known to be quite the trend setter from his own language with Guaponese to the Ca$h Talk clothing he bringing. Guap has alot in store for the world. Guap who often quotes he don’t call it rapping he calls it “kickin pimpin” is about to take kickin pimpin to a whole nother lever!