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Jonny Diaz is an artist whose mission in life is to serve
the Body of Christ. From the beginning of his music career,
Diaz's desire has been to write songs that entertain,
encourage and challenge fellow believers. His latest album,
simply titled Jonny Diaz, is a collection of songs that
accomplish his mission. "I attempted to break free from
some of the traditional confines of Christian music, but I
couldn't get away from the fact that most of my songs
revolve around my relationship with Christ. He is the focus
of my life and I find it impossible to honestly record my
emotions and More...

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sarah jo | Reviewer: sari saphira castro
    ------ About the song Sarah Jo performed by Jonny Diaz

i think many girls need to hear this cuz they sell their selfs for so little when they should see that they are worth their weight in diamonds and one day they will find a guy who will treasure them the way they are supposed to be treasured & this song just assures u that there is something more & theres someone who loves u not for what u can give him but for how u can live for him & he loves u just the way u are even without the make up & he will b there when all seems lost let him guide u he changed my life he can change urs too

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