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Born in Fort MacLeod, Alberta a young Joan Anderson moved
to North Battleford, Saskatchewan with her parents shortly
after Word War II.

Inspired by her older friend Frankie McKitrick, she begged
her parents at age 7 to allow her to take piano lessons
which lasted for a year and a half. She also took up
drawing and after moving to Saskatoon at age 9, she
contracted polio which she forunately recovered from with
the love of her family and art.

In Grade 7, one of her teachers, Mr. Kratzman encouraged
her to craft the written word and More...

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Review about Joni Mitchell songs
Little Green in literature | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song LITTLE GREEN performed by Joni Mitchell

In the book "Who Will Run The Frog Hospital" two girls are discussing one's recent abortion when Little Green plays on the radio.
Years later, at a party, when Little Green is played, EVERY woman in the room stops her conversation, turns to the stereo and sings along. Only after the song is over do they resume their conversations.
One of the most subtle passages I have ever read in any book.

Joni & Toms versions both stellar, haunting | Reviewer: Thomas O
    ------ About the song Urge For Going performed by Joni Mitchell

Like many I first heard this when FM radio was real. Tom Rush was usually the version they played. But I had heard Joni's version as well, and as the writer of this song she deserves kudos. If you can;t feel autumn in this you have no heart, no spirit...

"SAME SITUATION" WTF!!! | Reviewer: Lim Tony
    ------ About the song Same Situation performed by Joni Mitchell

Again and again i marvel at Joni Mitchell's genius as a songwriter, a musician and a singer. "Same Situation" is my favorite song of Court and Spark album - it struck me the first time i heard it in the early 70s, it is for me a timeless tune, hauntingly beautiful! And i first heard it in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - the other side of the planet... at the time. Globalization? Never heard of it back then. Not sure it's any good for the people.

Great song and lyrics | Reviewer: KM
    ------ About the song CIRCLE GAME performed by Joni Mitchell

When I first listened to this song, I was only 10. Now, 40 years later, I realized how true it is that we tend to rush life in the beginning only to wanting to slow it down later. And I can see this in my children's lives. Truly a circle game......

Giving & Receiving | Reviewer: Douglas Jack
    ------ About the song MAGDALENE LAUNDRIES performed by Joni Mitchell

I wonder how Joni recovered from being forced to relinquish her child to these bloodless brides of Jesus and then so captured her / our human world voice of being? Joni speaks eloquently for all human kind.

These institutional death mongers, give their lives to religions & other machines. Nuns want to give but don't realize they need to receive consciously & openly from the very people they want to help in revolutionary solidarity. Charity is only living on the spoils of the monetary-capitalist system so religions are only the flip side of the economic system upon which they join in unholy alliance.

When I heard the Magdalene Laundries, I thought immediately of the church run residential schools which forcibly tore 100s of 1000s of five year old children self-righteously from their families & communities, infected children deliberately with a known high death rates from Tuberculosis & the pox's, punished them for speaking their languages, raped & abused them to drive the 'Indian' out of their hearts.

There is a way to live together in humanity's universal, inclusive, welcoming worldwide 'indigenous' (Latin 'self-generating') heritage of giving & receiving. Jesus was unfortunately a linear thinker who could only conceive of giving.

Fantastic song | Reviewer: Heather McCall-Kelly
    ------ About the song Urge For Going performed by Joni Mitchell

I heard a recording of Tom Rush singing this song on the local college station recently and, as it has every time I've heard it, it made me tear up. It strikes something deep and sorrowful within me. I love this song and was thrilled to find the lyrics. Joni Mitchell is such an astounding wordsmith!

This song truly touched my soul; I really felt for Joni | Reviewer: Robert Carr
    ------ About the song A CASE OF YOU performed by Joni Mitchell

For over 40 years I never paid too much attention to Joni's songs, but after I retired and had time to really listen to her poetry and songs I became thoroughly enchanted, for a cynical old ex=Marine! I have written books, but though I have built guitars & dulcimers I cannot play or express myself like Joni has done in all this time. She is revered and loved over here like she will never know. I respect her and the way she handled her life.

This song is my companion | Reviewer: Bruce Skewes
    ------ About the song CIRCLE GAME performed by Joni Mitchell

This song, with its perspective, has never been far from my mind. I only wish she had been inspired to write more, like Shakespeare, about the "ages of man." Now, as my childhood friend faces terminal illness, it comes to me once again.

Joni is one of the best | Reviewer: miq
    ------ About the song TWISTED performed by Joni Mitchell

I never write shit on the computer, never!!! But Joni is one of the finest jazz/rock singers ever. Her glistening vocal talents wer only out done by sharp and yet sometimes dream like lyrics and arrangements. I was at church today and singing this tune out loud as I walked in, and out of 15 people only one other knew the song and maybe 2 people knew who she was. Made me want to slit my wrists, shoot up and die in the gutter. I give it 10 stars!

so emotional | Reviewer: Emer McManus
    ------ About the song MAGDALENE LAUNDRIES performed by Joni Mitchell

I was researching "magdalene laundries" when I stumbled across this song. I didn't realise the true misery these girls went true. As a tear trickled down my cheek, a lump formed in my throat and I had to express my feelings. Now I must listen to this heart wrenching song.

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