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Members: Dave Hanley, Sada k Jackson, Jonathan Thulin Evan
Label: Independent
Manager: Independent

Jonathan Thulin is an artist/songwriter based out of Los
Angeles, CA. Originally from Sweden he brings unique music
to many different musical genres. Singing since he was a
little boy Jonathan says "Music was always my passion, is
my passion and will always be my passion". Jonathan has
sung with the likes of The Gaithers and Carman and recently
released a cd with Target Corporation called "Lifescapes:
The heart of worship", (if you go into Target, ask for the
Lifescapes More...

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Submit Jonathan Thulin New Lyrics

Review about Jonathan Thulin songs
Architecture | Reviewer: Sherry Painter
    ------ About the song Architecture performed by Jonathan Thulin

It's a beautiful song. It's one of my favorites! I just figured out who sings it on Air1 radio station. It helps me understand how much God lovse and cares for even the smallest things in our life.

Dead Come To Life | Reviewer: Gary B.
    ------ About the song Dead Come To Life performed by Jonathan Thulin

Before I even had a clue what the lyrics were I knew this was going to be a great song. After seeing what Jonathan was trying to say in this song I can only place this song in my all time top 10. Awesome song.

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