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Jonathan Thulin Biography

Last updated: 12/06/2012 06:03:59 PM

Members: Dave Hanley, Sada k Jackson, Jonathan Thulin Evan Sieling
Label: Independent
Manager: Independent

Jonathan Thulin is an artist/songwriter based out of Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Sweden he brings unique music to many different musical genres. Singing since he was a little boy Jonathan says "Music was always my passion, is my passion and will always be my passion". Jonathan has sung with the likes of The Gaithers and Carman and recently released a cd with Target Corporation called "Lifescapes: The heart of worship", (if you go into Target, ask for the Lifescapes display and press the button to hear) His debut album "IMMOVABLE" was released in July 2006 with a good response in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area. Jonathan is currently pursuing what he loves and pushing hard to break the boundaries of a typical "christian" artist. Though many of Jonathan's songs spark from his love for God, he also writes from his personal experiences which makes it easy for his listeners to relate. Jonathan is working a lot in his home country Sweden promoting his second album "The Epiphany Guide" which was released July 2007 and recently on iTunes. His songs are currently being played on X static radio all over the U.S. He recently released his third album "The Anatomy of a Heartflow"...he is currently touring promoting the project.