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"Music on Red Bull." Without hesitating, that's how 19-year-old Kevin Jonas describes the hyper-adrenalized sounds he's created with his two brothers, 14-year-old Nicholas and 17-year-old Joseph, on the Jonas Brothers' debut album, It's About Time.

Music always played a major part in the brothers' lives growing up in New Jersey. Their parents are both musicians, so gathering around the piano for sing-alongs was an essential part of regular family bonding, yet each brother found his own musical calling in a different way.

The oldest, Kevin, who plays guitar and sings backing vocals, was home sick one day when he found a guitar and a "Teach Yourself Guitar" book lying around the house. "I spent the next three days learning how to play the basic chords," Kevin remembers. "That was about four years ago."

Nicholas, who shares lead vocals with Joseph in the group, began singing as soon as he could talk. "From the time I was two years old, I would wake up in the morning and start singing all the time, every second of the day," he says. Joseph first dreamed of becoming a comedian and wanted to audition for sketch comedy shows. "But I was always attached to music and loved listening to different kinds of music, especially rock," he says.

Before forming their band, the Jonas Brothers had appeared together in a series of commercials for Burger King, LEGOS, Battle Bots and Clorox--to name just a few. But as time went on, they found themselves spending more and more time down in their basement, writing songs and practicing together as a band After a spectacular group audition was held for the label, the direction was clear. "All three of us were signed pretty much on the spot as the Jonas Brothers," Kevin says.

For the Jonas boys, the real fun began as they combined their musical abilities to write and record their debut album together, quickly realizing how lucky they were to have each other for both personal and professional inspiration. "It's awesome to have my brothers on stage and in the studio with me," explains Nicholas. "You have a security that everything is going to be okay, even when you mess up."

As Kevin puts it, "It feels like the most natural thing we could be doing. When we write a song we get in a triangle. I start playing the chords that we've chosen over and over and then we'll keep going around in a circle until we have figured out the lyrics for our song."

Joseph sees them all collaborating for years to come. "We're brothers so it's not like if we got upset at each other that we can be like, 'Well I quit.' They're still my brothers. We love to do this and we know we're going to keep doing for a very long time."

Inspiration for the group's songs comes directly from the boys' personal experiences--from the highs and lows of dating to being on the road to having been given the opportunity to follow their dreams at such a young age. "A lot of it is about typical teenage love stuff like 'Oh, what am I going to do if I can't see her today?' It's not stuff that we don't know about," says Nicholas.

"There's been heartbreaks and there's been crushes so we know how it feels and can write about it," explains Kevin, but overall, the songs of the Jonas Brothers celebrate the joy of living and encourage people to feel good. "The album is meant to get people up and have fun and raise their energy," says Joseph.

One of the more personal tracks on the record is the first single, Mandy, which is about a girl that their mother, a sign language teacher, taught to sign so that she could pursue her dream of working with the hearing impaired. Nicholas, Joseph and Kevin each formed a special friendship with Mandy. "We were writing songs one day and decided we wanted to write about something really nice--so we wrote a song about Mandy," recalls Nicholas. "She's the nicest girl you will ever meet. She knows what you're thinking all the time."

For now the brothers are just relishing in the experience of having other people hear their music live and making new fans one city at a time while they are on the road. "We've known for a while how it felt to be on stage, but we never knew how it would feel to have people love music that we've written and which we both play and sing. It's very gratifying when fans come up to us after shows and tell us how much they relate to our songs," says Joseph.

"We all have such passion for what we do and for our band," explains Kevin. Nicholas adds, " Our dreams have really come true and we're just so lucky."

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play my music | Reviewer: helen agustina | 8/7/10

jonas brothers,i live in indonesian,banjarrejo village,lampung timur,i like songs,i can sing too,but i want meet with you in the indonesian but you must to the performance in lampung timur don't in jakarta city because i don't can see you because very far,then,first i see you in TV time see film camp rock,and song gotta find you very amazing.i love you forever...bye

you guys rock | Reviewer: mandy | 6/13/10

I saw you guys in Toronto ON 2010 you guys were so awsome I know it's hard for you Nick. I have a brother with low blud sugar so he has medication every 2 hrs and gets a needle every night. Hey Kevin congrats on your marriage with Daniel wish you guys all the best.Now Joe what can I say about you you're great at singing and very talented bye and have a great year. Last but not least Frankie your adorable just like people say to me i'm 9 call me lol anyways i think you're really cute bye everyone have a great year wish you all the best.

heyy,akshita ,india | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/10

hello jonas .dont know what 2 say but want 2 say that im not a great fan of yours but when i first listen 2 yor song its just wowt im from india nd of 13 from delhi place of dreams . Ive always dreamt 2 b a pop star . Ive written many songs nd its my favourite 1 so here it goes :dreams my dreams (2) never had been true but when i dreamt that u r around me it came all crash through.u always been waiting when ull be coming 2gether but must tell u that these dreams break all through u

u guys rock!!!! | Reviewer: Venezia | 1/5/10

hey nick joe and kevin first i would like to congrats kevin about his marriage !! have a great life kev!!i am ur number 1 fan!!!!i saw ur concert in toronto and it was the best day of my life !!!!!!
remember u guys always rock
BTW last weekend dec 31 09 , they said that ur house was 500 buena vista s , burbank so when i was visiting california we went there but it was the disney studio i was so dicpointed my dad to cauz he nows how big im a fan
please email me back
that will make my year
and i will be the happyest girl!
nick have fun on ur solo album!!who i am rocks!!!!
thanks -Venezia

GET OVER YOURSELVES! | Reviewer: she-devil | 9/20/09

the Jonas Brothers have gotten so annoying and overplayed that it makes me want to rip my hair out. they,just like every other Disney Channel tweeney-bopper, do not represent the real musicians, real bands that don't need precious Disney to make them look good.BTW, the Jonas Brothers Are NOT HOT!!! they all have catapillar eyebrows, and the lead singer's voice is so unbelivably awful, my glasses crack every time i hear it. Tell me, why must they exist?

Hi | Reviewer: Lizzy | 7/11/09

So here. I just started listening to the jonas brothers music when I got their latest cd. I think their music is really good and fun to listen to when you wanna have some fun or just being happy. Why do girls always obsess though. That's what gets annoying. Get over your selves. LOL. It's just really annoying they are just guys and there is plenty of them who you could actually in life have a chance with. Of course I still think they are all cute and have good voices but just don't obsess over them. If I meet them, I meet them and if I don't well it's just life.

good music is a waste... | Reviewer: wastedmusik | 6/26/09

really.. greenday vs. the jonas brothers, i found this while trying to prove my little sister wrong on a stupid age factor of the "Jonas" its funny because now kids are hearing nothing but disney stars, i grew up to The Who, and ACDC, some other odd balls, but all proved to last longer, and sound better than the 5-6 year life of disney stardom. example, the very first disney star.... Brittany :) yahhh brittany, the pop fag, that got divorced like 6 times, and got her kids taken away caus she liked the tap a little too much. and then hay were did hillary duff go????? it starts as a funn litte kids show, then in like 3 years, sometimes shorter, they have a record lable, lets just smack a guitar, and a mic in front of this girl a write her a song, maby we"ll make some $, Walt is rolling in his grave right now knowing that micky isnt even a part of what used to be a beautiful thing, what used to be art.

no longer a jobro fan | Reviewer: Gretchen | 6/1/09

I use to be like most of those little girls who wont grow up and actually love the jonas brothers. i was so obessed and i had the hugest crush on kevin jonas and joe jonas but suddenly after to listening to green day one day i reliazed hello im a teenager and i have to grow up seriously they wont last much longer, they will no longer be teenage stars and b4 you know it they will be no longer. seriously im really grateful greenday got me out of my taste of bad music. btw to let u no the jonas brothers isnt a rock band they are another pop band to come from disney channel!

NICK AND LIA | Reviewer: Nick Jonas | 5/12/09

hey guys, thanks for the reviews.... i appreciate your love for my brothers and I, i actually just got a girl friend her name is LIA and she is gorgeous. I love my fans.

nick j and LIA

Jasmine Olson wanting to let the Jonas brothers know her well | Reviewer: Henrietta Abeyta | 5/9/09

hi there Jonas brothers it's me Jasmine Olson who really knows how Nicholas feels for finding out about what diabetes are and finding out about them so late, because i Jasmine have similar disability problems with my body and my eyes. so she even knows how your brother Nick is limited for his whole life and knows that low carb diets like the Atkins Diet would probably help Nick just like it's helped me. and the Atkins Diet low carb cookbooks are found at stores like Savers and any store that sells similar things. but yes Nick i feel the same way you do because of my similar disabilties which is called Epilepsy and i've had my whole life so i know how you feel for such a problem and also Nick my grandpa's mom has Diabetes and so does my grandpa. so i sure know how sad nad how really limited your whole unless you are 1 of the few people who can stop the seizures by taking some peels that are used to keep seizures under control but if your body is like mine you'll just need to have some discpline and eat a low carb diet for the rest of your life to keep your Diabetes under control. it's just that i'm 1 of the people that peels don't work for but eating a low carb diet works for me. but just to help you Nick so you don't cause a seizure and then have it but don'tknow you're having a seizure just exercise for like a half hr or a whole hr. or that's the amount of time that is pretty safe for my body and yes i'd love to be 1 of your great friends and so our home phone number is 801 773 5523 and we live in Roy in the state of Utah love Jasmine Olson who would always be happy to help your family with the dnager of causing a seizure without know it if you guys ever want more information just give me a call but i'd also like it if we could play games and music together as i've been playing the piano since i was 6 and now i'm 19and i'll be graduating this year from Roy High. i'm where i understand you 3 well enough to where i'm happy to do anything with you 3 Jonas brothers at any time we can both do something fun love Jasmine Olson.

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