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Johnny Horton had several top ten songs in the late 50's
and early 60's and was on the verge of becoming one of the
top stars of the 60's when he met with tragedy.

He was born John Gale Horton in Los Angeles in 1925. He was
raised in Tyler, Texas. Horton worked in the fishing
industry in Alaska and California, and attended Seattle
University. He worked for a while as a carpenter, and
played basketball at Baylor University. He worked at a
local radio station in East Texas and at the Hometown
Jamboree in California. He did some More...

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Review about Johnny Horton songs
Homosexual | Reviewer: Truth
    ------ About the song When It's Springtime In Alaska performed by Johnny Horton

This song, just like every other country song, is so gay I can't stand it. Getting it on with a redheaded lil? What happened to being a proud, STRAIGHT, white male. No wonder all the blacks and mexicans are taking over our country. They are dumb as a whole but at least smart enough to conceal their homophobes.

Gay??? Get real | Reviewer: Madmyk
    ------ About the song When It's Springtime In Alaska performed by Johnny Horton

This song is about as gay as Grizzly Adams.
What a load of crap Rick.
No subliminal message here or plain outright gay lyrics.
It's just about a guy who heard a lady singing.
Geez I get tired of this gay stuff.

"Auithor, Author" | Reviewer: David O'Wren
    ------ About the song Battle Of New Orleans performed by Johnny Horton

The author and best performer of this song is Jimmy Driftwood. The new habit of crediting performers, and worse, submitters of lyrics on these sites is, well, opposite from what is stated below: "These ae the property of respective authors..." and seems not for "educational purpose" if consistently misinforming. Check the citations.

johnny horton songs | Reviewer: Robert Black
    ------ About the song Battle of Bull Run performed by Johnny Horton

I TOO play the Jews-Harp and, keep in as much TUNE as
a set note can. Battl eof Bull Run Lyrics?? So THAT!!!
is what he was saying. My home town, Kincardine Ont Can.
Main St has a memorial to a Dr Solomonm Secord, served
medicaly, in Gettysburg, died/buried, Kincardine Cem

Another response to Rick | Reviewer: Maggie
    ------ About the song When It's Springtime In Alaska performed by Johnny Horton

I have lived in Alaska all of my life, did my parents and grandparents since before Alaska became a state. Not one of us have ever heard that "red headed lil" was a term for a gay man. Why is it that everything seen and heard by gays has got to be gay??? Sorry Rick...99.9% of the songs in any category are about man/woman love and relationships. As it should be.

Homosexual Hijacking | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When It's Springtime In Alaska performed by Johnny Horton

While it sounds like Rick is more intimately familiar with the gay lifestyle and what it means to be a redheaded lil, I must agree with Jay. At most, this song would seem to indicate that the author was confused about his sexuality.

This may have been a situation, somewhat like the institution of marriage, where the gay community hijacked an otherwise "straight" song and changed its meaning to fit a gay agenda. Who knows, in a few hundred years we may see comments like: "the institution of marriage has always been about and promoted gay life."

Response to Rick | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When It's Springtime In Alaska performed by Johnny Horton

I find your review of this song most interesting, because I was one of those that lived in a more naïve and less enlightened time and so when I heard the song I never even suspected it was about homosexuality. Perhaps that’s because it was so very well concealed. In fact, it was so well concealed that until you pointed out that “ “redheaded Lil” was a common Alaskan term for the more passive partner in a snowed-in cabin relationship” I would still be totally ignorant of the fact that this song was about homosexuality.
I think the things that made this hard for me to see are all the gender related references. For example: “The song she was singin';” “I reached for the gal;” The song she kept singin':” I didn't know Lil was Big Ed's wife-to-be:”
See, in addition to all the references to the female gender; I had always made the assumption that Big Ed was a man and I wasn’t aware that in the gay world the redheaded Lils would be referred to as future wives; in addition to just being passive partners. In addition to that, the song mentions the Red Dog Saloon, and not a snowed-in cabin. Now it is a fact that the Red Dog Saloon is in Juneau and not Fairbanks, which might give some credibility to your statement.
However, in spite of that geographical problem, and in spite of your comment, I’m still left to wonder if it could have been possible that Johnny was: singing about going into a saloon (Not a snowed-in cabin)when he got to Fairbanks (After being in Point Barrow); where there was a woman named Lil that was redheaded; that was singing so sweetly; had a fiancé named Big Ed that got jealous of poor Johnny when he was dancing with his future wife; and in his rage threw a knife at him and killed him. While in the saloon; not a snowed-in cabin.

Great Early Homophile Song | Reviewer: Rick Lodewell
    ------ About the song When It's Springtime In Alaska performed by Johnny Horton

This is one of the earliest songs which not only accepted the gay life, but promoted it. It's odd that it received as much radio play as it did, especially on country stations, but perhaps the listeners had no idea what it was about. It did come out in a more naive time, after all.

If you don't know "redheaded Lil" was a common Alaskan term for the more passive partner in a snowed-in cabin relationship.

Johnny Horton---Yellow Rose Of Texas | Reviewer: leanne
    ------ About the song Yellow Rose Of Texas performed by Johnny Horton

This song says a lot if you listen to the words carefully enough. Not only is it a song of pride and proudness and loyalty, it is a song that reaches far down to the soul and is full of love and respect not only for the girls of texas, but the state it's self.


Obscure Tune Search: Sleepy-Eyed John | Reviewer: `Tosky Picker
    ------ About the song Sleepy-Eyed John performed by Johnny Horton

~ Heard this tune on the Rounder Records - Hand Picked -25 Years of Bluegrass album and loved it. It's catchy and quick. Fun to play and dance to. Played by Tom & Jerry. I'd give it a nine on a scale of one to ten. Thanks for having it available.

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