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Pearl Jam Johnny Guitar Lyrics

Last updated: 08/24/2012 09:04:10 PM

Verse 1:
Johnny "Guitar" Watson starin' at me
Riding on 3 wheels, a woman on his knee
With a leg under a red dress, I wish I could see
Further north a warmth alive & lingerin'

Now Johnny he be havin' lots of women
The reason he be smilin' know to him

Verse 2:
On the left the girl in red so innocent
Never sheds her clothes even when she goes to bed
The type of girl responsible foriginal sin
Can't help but wonder where & who she is

And the memory is always getting clearer
For that's 30 years or more I've loved her so
And how I need to know, why she's with him

And I sleep with the light on, in case she comes
And I sleep with the light on, in case she...

Verse :3
Recently as I was waitin' on a dream
She came to visit lost & lonely me
She leaned over the bed & with her lips above my head
She asked if I had seen her Johnny

Oh and I hide my disappointment
'Cause for years I had been hopin'
Oh yea I had been hopin'
That when she came, she would come for me

I hide my disappointment
'Cause for years I had been hopin'
That when she came
she'd be comin' just for me

Thanks to Cody Gudmundsen for submitting Johnny Guitar Lyrics.

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For years I had been hopin' for Pearl Jam | Reviewer: Jemma | 8/24/12

I first discovered Pearl Jam through my father when I was ten, maybe eleven years old. The first album of theirs I bought was, the now legendary 'Ten' although I do recall 'borrowing' my dad's copies of both 'Binaural' and 'rearviewmirror' before I owned 'Ten'. I fell in love with Pearl Jam and now I own nearly every album. Pearl Jam are one of those bands that have changed the face of music over the years and their sound has differed from album to album, but that's what makes them so popular. Its the fact that they can get away with it. I just adore this song and 'Backspacer'. In fact I adore all their albums. I just love Pearl Jam