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He has recorded more than 1,500 songs and they can be found
on about 500 albums, counting only American and European

More of his albums (45) remain in print today than most
artists ever make.

He is the youngest person ever chosen for the Country Music
Hall of Fame and the only person ever selected for the
Country and Rock Music Hall of Fame, until this 1998, when
Elvis Presley was inducted into the Country Music Hall of

He has placed 48 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 Pop
charts, about the same number as the More...

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Review about Johnny Cash songs
Worst Message for Girls Ever | Reviewer: Bob Nix
    ------ About the song Ballad Of A Teenage Queen performed by Johnny Cash

This song may be the worst message ever for girls. The 'teenage queen' leaves her small home town to pursue a career at which she is a success, and achieves the American Dream, with the accompanying money, house, and in this case even fame. She is in love with the 'boy next door' (and we have to assume by the conclusion that he is in love with her as well), and instead of having him leave his crappy minimum-wage candy store job to join her in her success, the teenage queen gives up on her successful career and all the material gains which came with it and goes home to join the boy next door in his minimum-wage mediocrity. Seriously? "Girls, give up on your dreams so you can play a supporting role to your ambition-less do-nothing boyfriends." Why? "Your career and accomplishments mean nothing. Only a man can provide for a family." Seriously, this message was terrible even in '58 when it was a hit.

IS THIS WHAT THEY FOUGHT FOR? | Reviewer: Larry Silverstein
    ------ About the song Remember The Alamo performed by Johnny Cash


55,000 Americans died in the "foxholes" of Vietnam!
The built a Wall of Commemoration to those who died in Vietnam!

55,000,000 Americans died in the "pussyholes" of America!
The built no Wall of Commemoration to those who died in America!

All of them thought they would "get out" alive!
One would have thought that the Americans in the "pussyholes" stood a better chance of "getting out alive"; but they didn't realize the mindset of the "enemy"!


The D&E method, used on unborn children 14 weeks or older,
involves using a long steel tool to grasp and tear off, by brute force, the arms and legs of the developing humanafter which the skull is crushed.
Dr. Anthony Levatino, an obstetrician-gynecologist who has performed many D&E abortions, describes the procedure: Picture yourself reaching in with the Sopher clamp and grasping anything you canOnce you have grasped something inside, squeeze on the clamp to set the jaws and pull hard really hard. You feel something let go and out pops a fully formed leg about six inches long. Reach in again and grasp whatever you can. Set the jaw and pull really hard once again and out pops an arm about the same length. Reach in again and again with that clamp and tear out the spine, intestines, heart and lungs.

You agnostics get it, so are you too lazy to believe? | Reviewer: Matt Dunivan
    ------ About the song The Man Comes Around performed by Johnny Cash

Great song. Coming from a man who beat his own army of demons to spread the Word of God. Shelbi, you pretty annoying yourself but I know you can't help it. Without God's love and His Son's gift of salvation I couldn't help being a moron either

My Grandfather's Clock Echoes | Reviewer: Salihu Ahmad Yusuf,
    ------ About the song My Grandfather's Clock performed by Johnny Cash

Made me to like English both as a language and a persona-social phenomena. I was taught the song in my early school days in the 1950's, but it still seems new as it frequently occurs to my mind's pleasures. Until now that the internet has brought its words clearer to me, l had always mummered or hummed its words and rhythms. More so, it keeps abreast with the dialectics of life.

Andrew is SO Right... | Reviewer: Charles
    ------ About the song I Was There When It Happened performed by Johnny Cash

I became infatuated with this wonderful song after a laying of hands on me while in a hospital ICU station brought me from death to life. I have thought numerous times as Andrew wrote, above, someone, somewhere surely took the "hell" out of this song.

Mr. Cash was quite a rounder and surely knew some pretty vile sins during his drinking days.

I was there when it happened, too.
Yes,I know when Jesus saved my soul,
The very moment He forgave me and made me whole;
He took away my heavy burdens,
The Lord, He gave me peace within;
Satan can't make me doubt it;
It's real and I'm gonna shout it;
I was there when it happened and I guess I ought to know!

The White Buffalo version | Reviewer: Double G
    ------ About the song Highwayman performed by Johnny Cash

I have listened to The White Buffalo version and much prefer it to any other apart from the great man in black himself...JC. It has an honesty that compliments the lyrics and the chords.

Truly beautiful song that I am considering for my own funeral. Kind of describes how I see the great cycle of life and death.

this is a good history song | Reviewer: Bryan shaffer
    ------ About the song As Long As The Grass Shall Grow performed by Johnny Cash

this song has a lot of the true american history behind it not that false stuff that your teachers are teaching you kids these day got off of the game systems and the tv and the computers go to historic places with your family for once in your life please learn the true history of our country please

it has been 40yrs and i only hear welcome home from another vet | Reviewer: Rodney Lindsey
    ------ About the song Drive On (Alt Lyrics) performed by Johnny Cash

one of the most underated songs ever sung by johnny cash he tells it like it was and still is. lost my innoence in vietnam, the govt lied, but they never saw me when i cried. still i am wounded but it is inside. GOD bless all combat vets.

Context | Reviewer: PJL500
    ------ About the song Remember The Alamo performed by Johnny Cash

After Mexico gained it's independence from Spain at the end of the Mexican war for Independence in 1821, Texas was a part of Mexico & a lot of Anglo-Americans lived in Texas, many owned slaves. The new Constitution of Mexico outlawed slavery so the Texans wanted independence. Mexico did not want Texas to revolt or secede, and they ordered to Texans to honor Mexican law against slavery. as well as demanding they begin complying with other Mexican law which they were not. It had no effect, Texans simply ignored the laws they didn't like (the big problem was the slavery issue). Although a majority of Texans wanted peace despite disagreeing with many of the laws of Mexico, so they declared their loyalty of Mexico to General Cos, who refused to accept it, believing that the only way to bring Texas under control was through military intervention (typical mentality for a career military man, no training is diplomacy). After a couple of arrests, and the election of a "centrist," which I take to mean open to enforcing the end of slavery in Mexico. So eventually the Army of Texas revolted so the Texans started the war, and won their independence. But they didn't keep it, obviously, they joined the US as a state in the end. Normally, I'd be all for a war to fight for the independence of you nation, just as we did. But not so you can keep slaves. So the war was ultimately started by Texas, but that Mexican general was a fool also. He could have accepted the offer, see if Texas complied, then if not, military action may be in order. So not the most honorable start of a new US state, but it is what it is, Texas will not be given independence, although many want it. It much like what Lincoln did (despite my criticism of General Gos), fight to keep his country together. The best we can do now is to properly treat the non-white residents of Texas because the state is here to stay.

Agreed | Reviewer: Shelbi
    ------ About the song The Man Comes Around performed by Johnny Cash

Well put Richard. Johnny Cash has an awesome voice. The song expresses an interesting theological view, or at least a good apocalypse story. You people and your religious are seriously annoying. If there is a god, and he/she is Christian, your own holy book states that HE DOES NOT LIKE US!!!

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