Johnny Cash Albums

  • Out Among The Stars Album (3/25/2014)
    Out Among The Stars
    Baby Ride Easy
    She Used To Love Me A Lot
    After All
    I'm Movin' On
    If I Told You Who It Was
    Call Your Mother
    I Drove Her Out Of My Mind
    Rock And Roll Shoes
    Don't You Think It's Come Our Time
    I Came To Believe
    She Used To Love Me A Lot

  • American VI: Ain't No Grave Album (2/23/2010)
    Ain't No Grave (Gonna Hold This Body Down)
    Redemption Day
    For The Good Times
    I Corinthians 15:55
    Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound
    A Satisfied Mind
    I Don't Hurt Anymore
    Cool Water
    Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream
    Aloha Oe

  • American V: A Hundred Highways Album (7/4/2006)
    Help Me
    God's Gonna Cut You Down
    Like The 309
    If You Could Read My Mind
    Further On Up The Road
    The Evening Train
    I Came To Believe
    Love's Been Good To Me
    A Legend In My Time
    Rose Of My Heart
    Four Strong Winds
    I'm Free From The Chain Gang Now

  • The Legend of Johnny Cash Album (10/25/2005)
    Cry, Cry, Cry
    Hey Porter
    Folsom Prison Blues
    I Walk The Line
    Get Rhythm
    Big River
    Guess Things Happen That Way
    Ring of Fire
    A Boy Named Sue
    Sunday Morning Coming Down
    Man In Black
    One Piece At A Time
    The Wanderer
    Delia's Gone
    Rusty Cage
    I've Been Everywhere
    Give My Love To Rose
    The Man Comes Around

  • Unearthed Album (11/25/2003)
  • American IV: The Man Comes Around Album (11/5/2002)
  • American 3: Solitary Man Album (10/17/2000)
  • Just As I Am Album (2/23/1999)
  • 16 Biggest Hits Album (1/1/1999)
  • Unchained Album (1/1/1996)
  • American Recordings Album (10/1/1994)
  • The Essential Johnny Cash Album (10/1/1992)
  • The Mystery Of Life Album (3/1/1991)
  • Boom Chicka Boom Album (2/1/1990)
  • Water From The Wells Of Home Album (5/1/1988)
  • Johnny Cash Is Coming To Town Album (4/13/1987)
  • Believe In Him Album (12/1/1986)
  • Heroes Album (6/1/1986)
  • Rainbow Album (12/1/1985)
  • Johnny 99 Album (11/1/1983)
  • The Adventures Of Johnny Cash Album (8/1/1982)
  • The Survivors Album (4/1/1982)
  • The Baron Album (6/1/1981)
  • Classic Christmas Album (12/1/1980)
  • Rockabilly Blues Album (10/1/1980)
  • A Believer Sings The Truth Album (12/1/1979)
  • Silver Album (5/1/1979)
  • Gone Girl Album (12/1/1978)
  • Johnny & June Album (12/1/1978)
  • I Would Like To See You Again Album (4/1/1978)
  • The Rambler Album (7/1/1977)
  • The Last Gunfighter Ballad Album (1/1/1977)
  • One Piece At A Time Album (12/1/1976)
  • Look At Them Beans Album (9/1/1975)
  • John R. Cash Album (3/1/1975)
  • Sings Precious Memories Album (1/1/1975)
  • The Johnny Cash Children's Album Album (1/1/1975)
  • Ragged Old Flag Album (4/5/1974)
  • På Österåker Album (12/1/1973)
  • Sunday Morning Coming Down Album (11/1/1973)
  • Johnny Cash And His Woman Album (8/1/1973)
  • Any Old Wind That Blows Album (1/1/1973)
  • Johnny Cash Family Christmas Album (11/1/1972)
  • America: A 200-Year Salute In Story And Song Album (7/1/1972)
  • Man In Black Album (5/1/1971)
  • Hello, I'm Johnny Cash Album (1/1/1970)
  • At San Quentin Album (10/1/1969)
  • More Of Old Golden Throat Album (7/1/1969)
  • The Holy Land Album (1/1/1969)
  • At Folsom Prison Album (10/1/1968)
  • From Sea To Shining Sea Album (1/1/1968)
  • Carryin' On With Johnny Cash And June Carter Album (8/1/1967)
  • Happiness Is You Album (10/1/1966)
  • Everybody Loves A Nut Album (5/1/1966)
  • Sings The Ballads Of The True West Album (9/1/1965)
  • Orange Blossom Special Album (2/1/1965)
  • I Walk The Line Album (11/1/1964)
  • Bitter Tears (Ballads Of The American Indian) Album (11/1/1964)
  • Blood, Sweat, And Tears Album (11/1/1963)
  • The Christmas Spirit Album (11/1/1963)
  • Ring Of Fire (The Best Of Johnny Cash) Album (11/1/1963)
  • The Sound Of Johnny Cash Album (11/1/1962)
  • Hymns From The Heart Album (11/1/1962)
  • Now Here's Johnny Cash Album (12/1/1961)
  • Ride This Train Album (11/1/1960)
  • Now, There Was A Song! Album (11/1/1960)
  • Hymns By Johnny Cash Album (11/1/1959)
  • Songs Of Our Soil Album (11/1/1959)
  • Greatest! Album (1/12/1959)
  • The Fabulous Johnny Cash Album (11/1/1958)
  • Johnny Cash With His Hot And Blue Guitar Album (11/1/1957)

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    Reviews about Johnny Cash albums

    voice | Reviewer: david rube
        ------ About the album Johnny Cash With His Hot And Blue Guitar performed by Johnny Cash

    the only difference from young Johnny and the older Johnny was that the rasppiness of his voice got more noticable. There will never be another vocal artist that can envelope the gosple, country/western and blue grass as he did. When June died you could see the light of his and spark in his dim. She "stood" by her man.I have an unsigned original copy marked LP 1220. Records kind of scratchy, but who cares. It is Johnny Cash.

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