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He has recorded more than 1,500 songs and they can be found on about 500 albums, counting only American and European releases.

More of his albums (45) remain in print today than most artists ever make.

He is the youngest person ever chosen for the Country Music Hall of Fame and the only person ever selected for the Country and Rock Music Hall of Fame, until this 1998, when Elvis Presley was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

He has placed 48 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 Pop charts, about the same number as the Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys.

He has tallied more Pop hit singles than Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson (including his Jackson 5 hits), the Four Seasons, David Bowie, the Supremes, Elton John, Billy Joel, Kenny Rogers, the combined totals of Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon and Simon & Garfunkel, Martin Gaye, B.B. King, Roy Orbison, Kool & the Gang, Linda Ronstadt. Diana Ross, the combined total of all of the Osmond Family, Jerry Lee Lewis and the combined total of Lionel Richie and the Commodores.

He has won 11 Grammies, the most recent include the 1999 Lifetime Achievement Award and the 2002 shared Grammy for Best Country Album. Two of his Grammys came for writing liner notes, for his At Folsom Prison album and Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline record.

Cash's 1987 Grammy came through his participation in The Class Of '55 recordings with the late Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis. The project represented a rebirth of "The Million Dollar Quartet" recordings featuring Cash, Perkins, Lewis and the late Elvis Presley and, interestingly enough, it predated Orbison's participation in The Traveling Wilburys.

He has had chart success as a solo artists, as part of a duet, as the leader of a trio, and as a part of the award-winning Highwayman quartet.

Long before the term "concept album" was coined, Cash created such thematically unified albums Ride This Train (1960), Blood, Seat, & Tears (1963), Bitter Tears (1964). and Johnny Cash Sings Ballads Of The True West (1965).

People forget just how hot Johnny Cash was, when his sales career was at its zenith. In the fall of 1969, Johnny Cash was the hottest act in the world, selling around 250,000 albums per month of his Folsom Prison and San Quinten albums. At that time, he was even outselling the Beatles.

As Rich Kinezie observed it Country Music magazine 10 years ago, Cash "strengthened the bonds between folk and country music so that both sides saw their similarities as well as their differences. He helped to liberalize Nashville so that it could accept the unconventional and the controversial and he did as much as anyone to make the 'outlaw' phenomenon possible."

As host of The Johnny Cash Show on ABC-TV (1969-1971), he served up 60 hours of prime-time TV, which featured performers like Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Linda Ronstadt, Ray Charles, Neil Young, James Taylor, Neil Diamond, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Kenny Rogers, Roy Orbison, Hank Williams Jr., Dennis Hopper, Judy Collins, Charley Pride, the Oak Ridge Boys, Patti Page and Merle Haggard, most rarely seen on TV back then.

His 1975 autobiography Man in Black has so far sold around 1.5 million copies, about 300,000 in hardcover.

He is one of the very few people in the history of music to sell more than 50 million records.

He has placed at least two singles on the Country charts for 38 consecutive years, including an amazing 25 hits between 1958 and 1960.

He produced and co-scripted a movie about the life of Jesus, Gospel Road, and filmed it in Israel. The film was distributed by Billy Graham's organization and is still in great demand today.

He has starred in four additional theatrical films including one of the last great westerns, A Gunfight, with Kirk Douglas. In addition, he has been a featured star in seven TV movies including The Pride Of Jessee Hallam, a hard-hitting, poignant story of one man's struggle against illiteracy. The show has proven to be a valuable tool in the battle against illiteracy.

He has posted over 130 hits on the Billboard Country singles chart, more than anyone in history, except George Jones. (Discounting duets by both men, Cash's total exceeds Jones.)

• He has won over two dozen songwriting awards from BMI; two of his songs, Folsom Prison Blues and I Walk The Line have earned million-performance citations from BMI.

Over a hundred acts have recorded Cash's I Walk The Line.

He has toured extensively for 38 years on a scope far beyond the normal tour bus routine of U.S. honky-tonks, state fairs, and showrooms. Hundreds of thousands of fans in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and throughout Europe have seen The Johnny Cash Show. He has toured in Vietnam and throughout the U.S. State Department, he has appeared in concert in many Eastern European nations such as Hungary, Poland and Czechoslovakia.

He has fathered four daughters (Rosanne, Tara, Cindy and Kathy) and a son (John Carter), all of whom have performed with him at one time or another. In addition, Rosanne has become our of country music's top singer-songwriters.

Cash's influence on younger musicians in the Rock/Pop field is as strong a it was in the 60's: A group of European musicians last year released Til Things Get Brighter, an album 100% composed of Johnny Cash covers by such acts as Michelle Shocked and Marc Almond. In addition, fresh recordings of Cash classics like I Still Miss Someone and Big River have recently been made by Stevie Nicks and the Beat Farmers. He is a featured guest soloist on U-2's album ZOOROPA.

His last three albums earned him Grammy Awards:American Recordings Best Folk Album 1994; Unchained - Best Country Album 1998 and Solitary Man - Best Country Male Vocal Performance 2000. Cash received the most coveted of Grammy award for Lifetime Achievment in 1999.

Cash was honored with a Kennedy Center Award in December of 1996.

Despite country music stations refusing to play his newer music, Cash and American Recordings were honored with Country Music Television-Europe's #7 Video of the Year for Rusty Cage, and Playboy Magazine honored Cash with the 1998 Music Poll Winner "Hall of Fame" Award.

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Who cares if he wasn't a racist. He was a wife deserter. | Reviewer: phaith | 12/9/13

I don't listen to artists who are womanizers. I don't care how good they are. I turn the radio when they come one and avoid them indefinitely. I also refuse to listen to John Mayer. An artist's personal life towards women makes it or breaks it for me.

Steady as a Train, Sharp as a Razor! | Reviewer: RSS95 | 3/9/13

Johnny Cash is amazing. He is not racist in the slightest, he was brought up with a racist father but later collaborated with black people on his show. He is a fantastic song writer and performer, 'Steady as a train, Sharp as a Razor.' R.I.P. Johnny Cash and June Carter. But I've got to go, Times A Wasting. :'D

How to spot a racist | Reviewer: young chitown | 1/11/12

Why are whites so mad when someone who is white is accused of being a racists, I mean yall never had to experience racism from a black person point of view so where's all the anger coming from. personally i could care less if johnny cash,elvis presly, or john wayne was a racist at the end of the day God has the last say and every one will have to account for thier own sins
so understand it's real easy to spot a racist it will be the one filled with hate and anger. (have a blessed day)

Love them both | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/11

i can't really believe the stupidity of some human beings! must there always be hate issues? thats the problem in the world today. Johnny Cash was a great singer, person.......etc, he faced challenges, overcame them...
If you never met him personally and heard him say he was a racist then you have no right to judge. just accept he did good in his time, made up for his mistakes and had a great love a lot of people hope and pray to have. i believe they are both happy together with their maker.
so don't wait your energies hating,
do what you were created for.... make you own mark in your own field and talent...
may peace remail in all our hearts!

It Works Both Ways | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/11

@Nunya Bush screwed us over but Obama is even worse And RACISM works both ways you useless American Trash. But you all should be focused more on Johnny Cash rather than racism and/or polotics. Your all disgracefull, shut up about your differences and take it elsewhere

cash vs rebel | Reviewer: David | 9/26/11

it was johny rebel that wrote and sang ship those niggers back, rebel actually hated cash for defending blacks. Google it. I actually like rebel but Im not racist, he made some stupid racist songs but in the time we live in, racism is all but dead, we will one day look back at that music and laugh. rebel also made a song called fuck johny cash.

when did politcs come in to this? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/11

Are you really that ducking stupid? Its in the past and Obama has pit more debt on us then Bush did in bother of his terms go duck yourself dude you are the type of idiot that truly ducks up this country when you wave your ass in the air acting like it means something to be liberal fucking Nazi if you didn't believe it why'd you look it up and comment on it you stupid fuck

The man in black and the blackman | Reviewer: leonard hall | 6/24/11

HEY PEOPLE southern black man here,born in 1959.
I know about racism grew up in a small agricultural community,black weren't allowed in town after dark.Johnny Cash was not a RACIST he was disliked and got shit in the south for being a nigger lover,and had a lot of black people on his show who would not have been there if he was.Get real,bless you johnny and june.peace and love to roseanne.

Johnny Cash's Search For Himself | Reviewer: Lee Larson | 4/6/11

I don't know if Johnny Cash actually wrote any anti-black songs. Many people shift back and forth on racial issues through their lives.It is interesting, though, that he maintained for many years that he himself was part Indian. It later turned out that he was a full-blooded Scotsman. An' noo, bairns, he dinna die a poor man.

COME ON GUYSS!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jimmy Bob Jenks | 3/30/11

Can all you guys do is bitch to each other? Come on....Just acknowledge Johnny Cash was an amazing singer and person. He viewed all human beings equally and did, in fact, have a racist father, but was not racist himself. So, please, from now on just stop the annoying whiny comments.

Not a rascist | Reviewer: Jesse M | 12/11/10

Johnny Cash never wrote Send those N****** back. Get your facts straight. Just because some idiot uploaded a song that sounded a bit like Johnny Cash to limewire, and labeled it as him does not make it so. That song was written by Odis Cochran and the Three Bigots.

Cash was very far from being a racist. In-fact, he was a lifelong advocate for Native American rights.

Cash is being smeared here.. | Reviewer: Brad Owens | 2/12/10

Johnny Cash didn't write the song and I see a lot of real idiots posting on here about it. Try listening to Cash's music and tell me that he is racist. He was for the little man his whole life and he had more in common with the poor oppressed blacks than these idiot rappers I see treating women like objects and selling their soul for 'bling' Idiots, complete idiots. Johnny Cash was an American original, one of the greats, and this racist non-sense is disrespecting the Man in Black.

if he is a racist... | Reviewer: jack archer | 2/3/10

im black and i say oh well then... but the grace of God has shown that man the way by lets not hate. Hes a good singer over all. hate plus hate = hate...will it be an never ending cycle? our choice.

Re: here's your proof | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/10

here's your proof, why would this be published in the wikipedia?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/06

"List of songs about racism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"Divine Right" by Econochrist; "Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey" by Sly and the Family Stone ... "Ship Those Niggers Back" by Johnny Horton and Johnny Cash"

Yes If its in Wilipedia it must be true...everyone knows all the info in wikipedia is true and correct.. what a moron.. wikipedia is not a place to get Facts and is not a legit source for true information..

good music but he was a racist juz like r kelly a child molester lol | Reviewer: Nunya | 12/23/09

Craig M how the hell is Obama racist when he is black and white your a dumb idiot and Johnny Cash did write a song about niggers go home so yeah then he was racist maybe he changed his thoughts later on in life but you try to sweep the past away like it never happened to want all the troops to come home and trying to get them to finish the job is racist lol look at bush he screwed everyone of us and yall made so much hoopla about Obama when he was running White America showed there true racist side.

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