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“My brother Dave taught me a chord and the first time I
held down a chord I didn’t muffle it, well, I just sat
there with my ear on the wood even after the sound died
feeling the vibrations. From there, it was me sitting there
alone in a room singing to a wall."

And what about his very first audience?

“Well, the wall seemed to like it…” Prine says now with a
twinkle in his eye and his characteristic understatement.
That wall has an awful lot in common with countless people
Prine has touched his songs. He’s certainly come a long way More...

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Review about John Prine songs
Love it | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Accident (Things Could Be Worse) performed by John Prine

I was looking for this song for a long time. I first heard it from a friend in 1976 I think. I love telling ladys named Pamela the story and song. John

All the snow has turned to water | Reviewer: PCH
    ------ About the song Souvenirs performed by John Prine

We have been married for 54 years and every once in a while my husband will break out singing this song which makes me chuckle. But, he has forgotten most of the words, so, he will chuckle when I tell him to read the lyrics on here. I'm sure they will come back to him when he sees it. Thank you.

Wrong author | Reviewer: Bear Peterson
    ------ About the song Just The Other Side Of Nowhere performed by John Prine

John Prine has to be one the most under-rated songwriters we have, but this one isn't one of his, this one was written by Kris Kristofferson, it was first recorded on his debut LP released in 1970.

Authorship | Reviewer: Crazy Daisy
    ------ About the song There She Goes performed by John Prine

I do believe that John Prine wrote this song. At least it was recorded on his LP "Bruised Orange" back in the mid-seventies.
Chad Hugo would have been about 3 or 4 years old back then, so I'm guessing Chad's authorship would be well nigh impossible.

Jesus Christ Died for Nothing, I Suppose! | Reviewer: MURPHY
    ------ About the song Sam Stone performed by John Prine

Swamp Dogg delivered this song to make you feel it! This was daddy's favorite song (RIP). I listen to it and smile in memory of my daddy. It's a great song by all who sings it. "There's a hole in daddy's arm, where all the money goes. Jesus Christ Died for Nothing, I Suppose!" :)

hobo song review | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Hobo Song performed by John Prine

this is one of my favorite songs by john prine. his music was the reason i learned to play guitar, his songs are always a huge hit at any party i attend. had it not been for johns unique lyrics and music i probably would be still a listener instead of a player . thank u john .sincerely paul vautour.

Find me a woman to play this to: | Reviewer: NEIL
    ------ About the song She Is My Everything performed by John Prine

This is just a perfect song to play for the right girl. That girl would have to really understand the beat and lyrics (even though it strays a bit) it's still one of the best to play for one girl, one audience of one, I just need the right one to play it for :( Not wasting this one.

swamp dogg vs. john prine | Reviewer: bjo58
    ------ About the song Sam Stone performed by John Prine

Hi, I just listened to the Swamp Dogg review - I have to say it absolutely doesn't do John Prine's song any justice. There are some songs that simply should not be redone and this is definitely one of them - it loses something when Swamp Dogg does it, this song isn't a jazzy song - it's a sad song, about a man that goes to fight for his country, sees things, does things, experiences things that a lot of us know absolutely nothing about, comes back addicted to a horrible habit, and his child watches as dad self-destructs because of it, like so many other families witnessed their loves ones destruction from drugs, alcohol, etc. Swamp Dogg needs to step down from this one.

good song | Reviewer: taressa
    ------ About the song Sam Stone performed by John Prine


Masterpeice of Music | Reviewer: Adam
    ------ About the song Sam Stone performed by John Prine

I was raised on John Prine due to the fact that he was my fathers favorite artist, next to the Rolling Stones of course. Of all the Songs I have heard of Mr.Prine made, Sam Stone is number one on my top three (below are saddle in the rain and sweet revenge). If you are a fan of John Prine or simply a fan of music in general I advive you to listen to this song first, with will inevitably get you hooked early and his talent will not relase you from its grasp.

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