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BORN: October 7, 1951, Seymour, IN

John Mellencamp has recorded some of the most powerful
American anthems of the last two decades. The
singer-songwriter-producer is also an actor,
critically-acclaimed painter, and is preparing an upcoming
musical stage production written in collaboration with his
friend Stephen King. During his 17-album, 25-year career,
he has also continued to bring a certain rock 'n' roll
ethos--what's literally become known as "Heartland
Rock"--to the rest of the world.

Cuttin' Heads, Mellencamp's new Columbia More...

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Review about John Mellencamp songs
How I relate to this song! | Reviewer: Reisa Gerber
    ------ About the song Hard Times For An Honest Man performed by John Mellencamp

On the verse describing how he "takes it out on the ones he loves, 'cause they're safe and who they gonna tell?" And how he "hates the coldbloodedness that runs inside..."...from the album "Lonesome Jubilee"...and that this girl he knows "...loves a man and lies like a dog" and "tears her little world all apart"
...and how "the walls go up for the rest of her days..." and "there aint no man touch this girl's heart..." It could be me.

quickstick buckstop | Reviewer: reisa gerber
    ------ About the song Beige To Beige performed by John Mellencamp

I am so happy to read Beige to Beige from Human Wheels, because I
always had a personal dream about this song, off of another record
called "colors, numbers and pictures talk", which those "in the know" would would go something like-
No s-o-n-g on the stereo...we could s-i-n-g to anymore-
d-i-t-t-o in terms of d-a-n-c-i-n-', and a nice old "b-i-t-e" here, with no reason for me to care-and a u-n-i-f-o--r-m for this and that-to be in this club you must w'e'a'r this "s-h-a-t"...
its just be-i-g-e to b-e-i-g-e each day... I-f you need a w-o-r-d
we'll give it to you, our statistics show what we do is true-
a world without color is a world without sound,
a world to keep the rabble down-
so close the deal and close the door-
Forget about the colors that i-t knew before
it's day-to-day to day-to-to- before.....
thankyou human wheels 1992-93
and as they said now...."back atcha!" reisa, sweetheart!

Big Town | Reviewer: Steevo
    ------ About the song Small Town performed by John Mellencamp

I love this song. It really shows the proud roots people have for their small towns they come from. It shows how close and tight small town communities can be. I come from a big city and you can be lost in translation so easily without anyone knowing and/or caring. Good on ya Johnny!

oldies | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Small Town performed by John Mellencamp

My parents got me into oldies- springsteen, adams, marx, and of course mellencamp. this isn't just about this one particular mellencamp song, it's about all of them. the lyrics are just amazing, and don't compare to the ones today. this is an exceptional song, and should live on forever, as should all of his songs!

review on song | Reviewer: scarydude
    ------ About the song Cherry Bomb performed by John Mellencamp

Cherry bomb is a really good song. One of Mellancamp's best. A very fun song. I'd love to see him in concert someday.

graduation | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Small Town performed by John Mellencamp

this was my 8th grade graduation song. we went out to this song and none of us liked it. it is a good song and we are a small town but most were going to high in the same town so it made no sense it would have made sense at gaduation in high school off to college but no they did not do that. but it is a good song.

cry baby lyrics | Reviewer: Mandy
    ------ About the song Cry Baby performed by John Mellencamp

Hello? "she works with my nuts and tool" Not until...she's a top mechanic, get it?

do you believe in magic song lyrics | Reviewer: mary
    ------ About the song Do You Believe In Magic performed by John Mellencamp

good song!

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