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The new millennium for John McDermott can be summed up in
one word: growth.

In the last five years of the twentieth century, John
emerged – seemingly overnight - from relative obscurity to
stardom in North America and beyond. He became a favorite
of audiences from coast to coast, a million-selling solo
artist who brought his unmistakable charm and immense
talents to the international PBS smash hit The Irish

Since the airing of The Irish Tenors in 1999 and early
2000, John has continued to pursue a demanding solo More...

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Lachin Y Gair Lyrics | Reviewer: DLRobbins
    ------ About the song Lachin Y Gair performed by John McDermott

First - there are 10 stanzas. The first 4 and the last two were written by Lord Byron when he was still a teenager. Stanzas 7 and 8 are on the Corrie's version and McDermott adds stanzas 5 and 6.

It should be 'Winter presides in his cold, icy cairn.' Not car. A car is a vehicle and a cairn is an elevation, highest part, summit. McDermott sings cairn not car. The album has it as car also, but it is a typo.

The Dutchman | Reviewer: Ma. Rascón
    ------ About the song The Dutchman performed by John McDermott

And dear Margaret remembers for me.(Tim Penn version)

change for:
And dear Margaret remembers that away.

She learned it when the tune was 'very' new.

I don't speak english, maybe this very beautifull song, have any little mistake.

Thanks yours for your work, it help me learn english with better spirit.
Please listen: 'Milagro de Abril' de Alberto Plaza

so true | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Green Fields of France performed by John McDermott

somebody should give this to our monkey of a president,coward Dubya

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