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Enthusiasm is contagious and that's why songwriters with a
genuine, obvious passion for their craft can't help but
attract an audience. John Mayer has earned a legion of
devoted fans in and around his adopted hometown of Atlanta,
where he moved in 1998 after a stint at Boston's Berklee
College of Music. His creative songwriting and warm stage
presence establish him as a formidable musical force, and
the smoky swagger of his voice at once evokes Sting, Dave
Matthews and Jakob Dylan.

Mayer grew up in Connecticut listening to pop radio More...

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Review about John Mayer songs
beautiful | Reviewer: vlad
    ------ About the song Hummingbird performed by John Mayer

i always call my fiance my hummingbird because he doesnt know hes beautiful, and even though theres times when he hates himself, he always fights through it to keep us both going. i think hummingbirds represent the kind of beauty that doesnt know its beautiful. hes my hummingbird, and im going to take this songs meaning to heart and always treat him well and never let him go. John Mayer giving me another song to live by.

LOVE VERSUS HATE | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Daughters performed by John Mayer

My comment is not about the song but about the people who comment, myself included. I'm 63 and I'm able to look back more than I can look forward. I regret this because it means that I only have about 15% of my life left. It is a very sobering thought. I have only about 15% ability to fix what I screwed up. But at least I realize this. I have learned that we are all different yet we are all the same. There is no grey in this world. It is only black or white, right or wrong, up or down, in or out, yes or no, love or hate. There is a razor's edge between love and hate and it takes hard work to love. Hating is easy to do, love is hard to learn. Learn this and you will not waste your life. Go for it because it is so totally worth it.

Great city song | Reviewer: LNQ
    ------ About the song City Love performed by John Mayer

This song is about falling in love in New York City, when he didn't even like the city because he thought it was too big and had no idea how to move around like newyorkers do until she came around.
He talks about how their relationship started and how they took their love around every corner of the city,from Battery park to every art gallery of Manhattan.
Beautiful song about a beautiful love, like the ones you see in the magazines, as he sings in the final verse.

ease | Reviewer: kunal subba
    ------ About the song Why Georgia performed by John Mayer

john mayer's georgia lyrics makes me feel dat m nt d only one goin on on thinking and gets confusd...he has expressed all these certain thoughts so smooth like aaaah now i feel ease...i think anythng cn fall in love wid him if he's wid his guitar...

Guy's missing Christ | Reviewer: Ken
    ------ About the song Something's Missing performed by John Mayer

At some point in life, no matter how much we've accomplished,there comes this realization that all the things we've got mean very little and there's this emptiness/loneliness inside that just can't seem to be satisfied. At that point you going to have to recognize/accept that the only thing to fill that emptiness is a relationship with God. For those who think it is not God but love this guy misses, be advised that God is love and there can be no love without God, there are a whole lot of attempts at substitutes though, none of which work. So to John and anyone else out there who cares to listen and give Him a chance to fill that emptiness and remove that loneliness (caused by separation from God). People, God so loved the word (mankind) that he gave his only begotten son (Jesus) that whosoever believes in him can be saved (from the consequences of sin, one of which is separation from God) Whether we want to believe it or not,the only way to fill that void is by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior. This is done simply by acknowledging your position as a sinner, asking forgiveness of your sins (we all have them), accepting that Jesus died and paid the price for your sins and asking Jesus to come into your heart and take control of your life (to take His place as your Lord and Savior). To those of you who scoff I say, if you've tried everything else to no avail, what are you afraid of? give God a chance. But remember, there is only one way to God and that's through Jesus Christ. And no, I'm no fanatic, just someone who's been there, done that and knows all about that emptiness/loneliness. But, more importantly I dared to take the chance and accept Jesus. I had nothing to lose. Anyway, as I saw it then and even now, I'm so grateful to the guy who told me about Jesus, because he saved my life. And I sure hope that someone would understand what I'm saying where I'm coming from, and give Jesus the opportunity to make it better for you. God Bless you all.

reminder | Reviewer: tali
    ------ About the song Say performed by John Mayer

dis song remindes jst how much sayin wat u nid 2 say is important,im stil a teen but heck,dis song's got tnkin thrice evrytym i try 2 hold bac wat im feelin,i gez wat im tryin 2 say is dat lyf is 2222222 short 2 not say wat u nid 2 say,i min wats de point of holding bac if it's only gonna mke u regret it 2seconds later

So Sad | Reviewer: ElleJay
    ------ About the song Comfortable performed by John Mayer

I heard this Song one morning when listening to John Mayer, I was so astounded to find how the lyrics echoed mine and my true loves heartbreak story. You see we are so in love and always will be but because of our different cultures and family lives our love is Forbidden & when 

My love told his family of our love, wrongly expecting them to Except &  Understand that because we are so involve & perfect for each other in Our Own eyes, heart and soul , But all be it Still in his family's cultures & societys eyes Not So,  instead an Arranged relationship & marriage is what is expected and considered best and because of our family's love and devotion and sacrifices they have made for us we have to try and except and honour their wishes and do what will make them happy and proud so have agreed to their demands but just because now we are trying so hard to be & do what they want and to live the life with the partner they choose for doesn't mean we are Happy and We Do So Wish our Lives could be different. We both know in our hearts that will always always love one another unconditionally and wish so much to be back Together where we truly Belong but through a different type of love and honour we have to our Family's this cannot at the moment be so. So we live a false fake happy life to please everyone else.

music walks with u | Reviewer: avinna
    ------ About the song Why Georgia performed by John Mayer

Someone listed, indians don't listen english songs....that was a total cliche....well n e ways i'v been listening to john mayer for a while nd 1 thing i know bout him is that, he is really lonely nd his music brings peace to people dealing with same emotions..others enjoy the music...some enjoy the vovals..i love easiness while delivering such a good blue music..

The Perfect Senior Year Song | Reviewer: :)
    ------ About the song No Such Thing performed by John Mayer

It's my senior year so this song speaks to me on a whole other level. It reminds me to take a breath and enjoy now. I only have one more year to actually enjoy high school and having to go face this so called "real world" (which I do agree that I don't think it exists, you're already in the real world as long as you're alive so live it, you can die even when you're in high school before you get to this "real world", can't you? it would be even more unfortunate if you spent it only planning for a time that you never got to and didn't actually live life, wouldn't it? harsh but true, I've seen it happen). This is especially important to me now since I'm constantly stressed about college plans and school and it helps me relax and get back to reality and what I want to do with my life, not what I'm "supposed to do". It worked for John pretty well didn't it? Thank you John Mayer :)

bluesy | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Gravity performed by John Mayer

I love how he brings a little blues sound to his music. The lyrics are amazing and just to the point. So much said with such little words. His passion is what makes him. I think get would be just as happy making music even if he made as much money as a lowes employee like me. Its his passion and clearly his life experiences that makes this so relatable to me.

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