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BORN: October 9, 1940, Liverpool, England
DIED: December 8, 1980, New York, NY

John Lennon was born on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool, England. When he was four years old, his parents separated and he ended up living with his Aunt Mimi. John's father was a merchant seaman and John did not see a lot of his father when he was small. As a child, John was a prankster and he enjoyed getting in trouble. As a boy and young adult, John enjoyed drawing grotesque figures and cripples. One of the reasons for his obsession with cripples and deformities was because of the Death of his Mother Julia. The John's school master thought that John could go to an art school for college, since he did not get good grades in school, but had artistic talent. He made it to art school, and was not allow to play "Rock and Roll".

At this college, he met a woman by the name of Cynthia Powell, who became his first wife. As a child, John lived a life of uninterrupted calm. He didn't recall feeling desperately sad or unusually happy. Unfortunately that calm was suddenly shattered when his mother died before his 18th birthday. John did not like to talk about the death of his mother, because it was to great a sorrow to be publicized. After the death of his mother, John went to live with his Aunt Mimi. John consider his Aunt Mimi the greatest person. They lived in a little house, with frilly curtains at the windows, and an old apple tree in the front garden. When John was away from home, he thought about Aunt Mimi and her frilly curtains and her apple tree, and he realized how fortunate he was. Because, though his mother was taken away from him, he was given something precious in return.

At sixteen, Elvis is what was happening. John created the group called the "Quarry Man". They performed at school. One day, Paul McCartney was introduced to him. At this point, John ask Paul if he could join the group, and he accepted the next day. Paul McCartney introduced George Harrison to John Lennon. The first recording they made was called "That will be the day" by Buddy Holly.

John came up with the name Beatles for the group. John had a vision when he was 12 years old - a man appeared on a Flaming pie and said unto them 'From this day on you are Beatles with an 'A'. The Beatles were discovered by Brian Epstein in the Cavern, where they were performing. After Brian discovered the Beatles he became their manager. The Beatles released their first single "Love me Do", with George Martin as their producer. This song went up the charts the second day it was released. "Love Me Do" got up to 17. The Beatles first number one chart was "Please Please Me" written by John Lennon. This song was inspired primarily by Roy Orbison but also fed by John's infatuation with the pun in Bing Crosby's famous "Please, lend your little ears to my please,"

John married Cynthia Powell in August 1962 and they had a son together who they called Julian.Cynthia described John as "Rough, ready and not her type at all, but had an irresistible character". Since the Beatles were becoming very popular at the time, Cynthia had to keep a very low profile. John Lennon divorced Cynthia and re-married with Yoko Ono who he met at the Indica Gallery in November 1966. In 1970, the Beatles broke up also, after Paul McCartney has announced that he is leaving the Beatles. After the Beatles broke up, John Lennon went his way and he tried to send out his message out clearer. He started doing this by releasing his first solo album Imagine.

Imagine was a passion of John. It crystallized his dream for the world and his idealism. And it was something that John really wanted to say to the world. Imagine was the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed of all John Lennon's post-Beatles efforts. After the Beatles broke up, Paul wrote some songs with hidden message, which upset John. In response to this John wrote, "How do you sleep ?" and released this also on the Imagine album.

In 1972, John Lennon gave a charity concert. The concert was held in Madison Square Garden, August 30, 1972, to help improve the living conditions of the mentally handicapped children. Starting with the Toronto Peace Festival in 1969, John with Yoko did a series of rock concerts as their statement of Peace and Love, and to spotlight various social issues effectively. All proceeds from the concerts were given to the needy. This concert in Madison Square garden turned out to be the last concert John did with the Plastic Ono Band. In 1972 the Vietnam War protest was at its height. The Feminist Movement was in a stage of awakening. The concert was filled with love of brotherhood and sisterhood. Everybody joined in on the stage at the end when they sang "Give Peace a chance". People could not contain themselves and marched down Fifth Avenue after the performance, singing "Give Peace a Chance". John Lennon performed with his new band : "Plastic Ono Band".

In 1973, John and Yoko separated for 14 month, because of all the public pressure and problems they were going through. John went to Los Angeles and he was single again after a long time. John became a drunk and was only partying . May Pang became John's companion during this time as a guidance. During this time, people start seeing more of John. John recorded different records like "Mind Games", "Rock and Roll", "Walls and Bridges" . He worked with Ringo on his album, David Bowie with his "Fame" album and also with Elton John during this time. After going through all this, John realizes that there was not really anybody that loves him, besides Yoko. So he returned back to Yoko. He realizes that he really really loves her and that he could not live without her.

On October 9, 1975, Yoko gave birth to John's other son Sean. John left his whole music career for 5 years to raise his son. John did not miss music at all during this period. He became a househusband and raised his son. John did not really exist anymore in the music world. John realized that there is no life without music after 5 years. He was able to write songs now with ease since there were no pressure. John wrote all the songs on "Double Fantasy" in a period of 3 weeks. This album was written, recorded, and released in 1980. When John was singing and writing this album, he was visualizing everybody in his age group. Unfortunately, John was shot in front of his apartment complex in New York while he was in the process of releasing another album "Milk and Honey". John died of the age of 40 in the Roosevelt Hospital on December 8, 1980, after receiving multiple gun shot in the back.

The Double Fantasy album is a great album, which contain one ironic title songs "Just like starting over" now after John's death. John was just starting over again, when he was killed. John Lennon created the Beatles and with Paul, Ringo and George, they made great music together. John was not a follower, but a leader and was always fighting for people's right. He was a person that cared for other people and expresses himself by making different political statements. John was not only a great music writer, but also an excellent pop artist and did a lot in the Rock and Roll music world. John can not and will never be replaced by anybody. His songs will live forever in all our hearts and minds. Just Give Peace a Chance and lets work together to a great and much better world.

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Working class hero | Reviewer: Ben Bettles | 10/8/13

I loved the Beatles the moment I heard "Love me do". The harmonies on most of their tracks was great. I favoured John because he was the craziest...especially after reading "In his own write" and "Spaniard in the
Works". As good as Paul was John's songs appealed to me....Strawberry
Fields, A day in the Life, I am the Walrus...etc....Brilliant !!!

JOHN LENNON DA LEGEND | Reviewer: fancy boy | 8/8/13

I just read about John lennon's story,then I realized he was indeed a legend but why was he shoot,I am sure the killers are rusting in (HELL)by now.(R.I.P) to the legend we love you.

Imagine Mosaic | Reviewer: SylviaM | 4/30/13

I loved John Lennon's music, his humor & his peace activism.
I could not even imagine, if he lived, what he would be creating today. I do believe he would be helping humanity wherever he could.
I live by Strawberry Fields in New York City. Whenever, I pass there whether it is sunny, raining, freezing there are people singing Beatle songs. The "Imagine" Mosaic usually has flowers there placed by fans & people taking photos. It is a lovely testament to him.
On the anniversary of his death, there are huge crowds there celebrating his life & reflecting on his death.
I hope his killer will never see the light of day.

John Lennon is a hero | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/13

John was a amazing man and still is because he lives on in his music and in the people he inspired. But I don't believe that mark David Chapman just killed him randomly I strongly believe that he was brainwashed and then sent out to do it. Anyway I just want to say that he is a hero that died a tragic death.

Government assassins? Please. | Reviewer: Curt | 8/16/12

I don't buy that Manchurian Candidate fantasy. If Chapman was programmed by the government then you might as well say Robert John Bardo was programmed to kill actress Rebecca Shaeffer, or Arthur Richard Jackson nearly killing actress Theresa Saldana, or Michael Abram nearly killing George Harrison. You might as well say every celebrity stalker was programmed to kill.

Imagine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/12

Did u here the song imagine by John Lennon its amazing and its very akward that he was shot when he was the one that was trying to stop people from shooting each other. Hey isnt the biography a bit long???

The Beatles made some awesome songs | Reviewer: Tony | 10/15/11

I Beatles made good music, I don't have anything negative to say about them. I would just like to know the whole story to why John Lennon was shot. From what I read on the biography, he had multible shots. That sounds to me like murder and not an accidental drive by shooting from gangs fighting with other gangs. So why was he shot? What did he do?

Unfortunately was shot .... Ridiculous! | Reviewer: Awakener | 10/9/11

People! try to open your eyes and look with insight. His death was as much pre-planned as it was unfortunate dude! And nobody is going to believe that only a simple personal problem has been the motivation to such a crime, since the very thing he has been attacking was politics and the chief thing he was always defending was human rights and peace. Down on politics and politicians which know no honor and decency. Down on every coward corrupt covert association. And shame on any useless government which can not protect their humane idols, including US.

Inspired | Reviewer: Wangchen Pintso | 7/31/11

I am so much inspired by this man john lennon he is my inspiration to music when I hear his gives me confidence and i get more and more intrested in music...his classics are the one of the most greatest music in History!!!if he did not die at that time...he would have still been a a multi talented person and a great musician he will be always remembered in our hearts....Peace in the name of John...

Amazing. | Reviewer: Gracie | 6/13/11

I love John Lennon. He is my hero. We have the same exact birthday except he is fifty-seven years older than me. I know all of the Beatles songs. I live for them. I love them. He did not deserve to get shot. He only wanted peace. He wanted to live life to the fullest. He is unforgettable. (:

all wrong!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/11

the person that wrote this has everything mixed up :/ eck i love John Lennon and i have read all the books and seen alll the movies and this guy mixed up alot of the time and dates of everything when john met paul before his mother died and he lived with hes aunt and uncle and his uncle died to thats why he had such interest in rock and roll then he runites with his mom when hes 17 lives with her a lil and movies out after they get in a fight but his mom died a week after he turned 18 get it straight kk

Just wanna share | Reviewer: Anna | 3/25/11

Cactually ,i dont know who is john lennon,the beatles. I'm just heard his music from 3 months ago.but i think it's really a great can witch you at the time!it make you wanna dance,wanna sing this song even you dont know the lyric.thanks for lennon and also beatles who give a peacefull to the world!!great to know your song:-)

your gonna hate me | Reviewer: hater | 3/20/11

honestly i dislike the beatles and their music very much, i don't see whats so great about their music it sucks big time to me
but w.e. i'm just one person and its just an opinion but i do like how lennon was into politics and such

absolutely great | Reviewer: rudy | 12/25/10

i am a biggest fan of John.He inspired me much in my life.When i was down and blue,his songs would immediately raise me up.I give him all my thumbs and if i could,i would borrow all of my friends thumbs to express that he is absolutely a great man.I don`t care with his life story,his madness,his temper.I just loved him as a fan.

i love the beatles | Reviewer: emiliana | 9/29/10

Really really i love the beatles im her fans numer one!! The beatles are all for me! Is fantastic im crazy for the beatles i love the sings and i love john lennon and paul mc cartney.. ARE MY boyfriends and i dont care that john lennon is my boyfriend too! I miss john lennon!!

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