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John Frusciante (froo-shon-tay) was born in New York on the
5th March 1970. His parents (Gail Frusciante & John
Frusciante Senior) split up when he was six years old and
he ended up moving to LA with his mother who later
remarried. John would visit his father who lived in Florida
during the school holidays. John’s stepfather gave him a
guitar for his birthday. John already had some experience
with a his Italian grandfather had taught him
to play old Italian folk songs...By the age of More...

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Review about John Frusciante songs
My own interpretation | Reviewer: IanHM
    ------ About the song Unreachable performed by John Frusciante

This is my own interpretation to John Frusciante's song Unreachable. To me the song talks about his choice to leave the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Are we
Down for the same cause
We don't know what we stand for

- JF is questioning the togetherness of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and his commitment after the Stadium Arcadium album and tour.

When the moments start to crack
You do lose track where your head's at
And I am unreachable
What do you think when your head's full?
We don't rely on what we get
We're begin now where we aren't yet

- The situation that JF found himself with RHCP was taking a toll on him, as he was out of ideas for new material, and he feels the need to, once again, do his own thing.

One time, hit me where I turn white
I don't mean to be polite
Uniform, spinning the world to the beat of my drum

- His band mates wanted to put out new material and he just wanted to do his own thing.

Reach into the darkness for what you can find
Travel great distance in your mind
The world gets stronger as you start trying
Things turn around towards being born away from dying
I've lost my kin, there's no one on my side
Were we to disappear, well, I'd know I tried
You know we tried, you know we tried

- JF doesn't like the fame and after a lot of thinking he decides it is to leave the band.

Shoot Me
Shoot Me
Shoot Me
Shoot Me

- Here JF is basically saying that "well what can I do? This is how I feel, don't condemn me."

During the solo he is expressing the pain he felt in regards to the bands reaction to him leaving and his own emotions even though he felt like in the end, he made the right choice.

One of the best lyrics i've read. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song A Firm Kick performed by John Frusciante

John is the best artist, musician, composer, singer, writer, guitar player of the last 30 years. For that there's no argument.
But his lyrics is something special. I've never ever ever seen someone that writes that way. So methaforical, so imagery. It's just beautiful because when you hear a song of him, which is something special for itself and his guitar skills, you've just got to read the lyrics. Read what in his Ggeinous mind, what is he thinking about what he thoughts 9as we see it in his playing).
It's automaticlly causes you think about life in deeper prespective. It's amazing how his thoughts and prespective on the world are very simillar to mine, that's why my writing is also simillar to his <3

correction | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mascara performed by John Frusciante

[Voice 1:] Apples and cake must have been your stake.....your little duck house

There also some other mistakes if you listen carefully..

But awesome job, the best I've seen around (Y)

Very early indication of his genius | Reviewer: Kevin E.
    ------ About the song Curtains performed by John Frusciante

This is an early indication of John's future as a masterful composer of ballads, both in his own material almost a decade later with Shadows Collide With People, The Will To Death, and The Empyrean, and also for the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Californication, By The Way, and Stadium Arcadium.

Time goes back | Reviewer: A55K1KKR
    ------ About the song Time Goes Back performed by John Frusciante

A truly great song. Both the original and acoustic version are masterpieces of simplicity, engineered by a musician light years ahead of the rest. Johns ability to convey his thoughts into his music are simply not understood by most. A great musician, a great man. John Frusciante we love you.

The past recedes | Reviewer: A55K1KKR
    ------ About the song The Past Recedes performed by John Frusciante

This song can mean many things to many people. I dont understand why people choose to bang on about his heroin habbit, claiming every song he`s written is about smack. None of the people here know John, have ever met him or know how he feels personally. A guess, but an educated one. To me this song represents how life moves forward, regardless of your past. Stop talking about his drug habbit, start talking about his great music and how he will continue to evolve into a true legend. We love you John.

Scratches | Reviewer: A55K1KKR
    ------ About the song Scratches performed by John Frusciante

Amazing track. I can only urge people to listen to the `Inside of Emptiness` album. Words cannot describe just how good it is. John Frusciante uses an amazing playing and singing style, just bloody brilliant.

Look On | Reviewer: A55K1KKR
    ------ About the song Look On performed by John Frusciante

I agree with the idea this song represents Johns struggle with drugs in the past. He sings with pure honesty and feeling about something which nearly destroyed him. Fantastic song, incredible album. Look on...

fucking awesome. | Reviewer: ChadSmithLover
    ------ About the song Unreachable performed by John Frusciante

HE IS THE BEST MUSICIAN EVER. REALLY. his work is so unique and amazing, the solo at the end is just so creative and special...anyway, HE IS A FUCKING GOD, GUITAR GENIUS, AN ANGEL SENT FROM HEAVEN ABOVE TO PLEASE PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD. Thank you dear god, for creating JOHN ANTHONY MOTHERFUCKING FRUSCIANTE.

Carvel's Depth of Meaning | Reviewer: Phillip Teasdale
    ------ About the song Carvel performed by John Frusciante

When I try I force it out (Whenever we "try" we are living in a fantasy world. "Trying" is a mental construct that separates an individual from the Present Moment and the Truth)

Never looking in only out (When we are caught up in mental fantasies, which all spring up from the central illusion of having a separate existence: "the ego" or "me," we lose our inner vision, soul, the essence or Oneness, Beingness beyond time and form)

Now is the time for millions to lose (You must drop the ego in the Now, the future and the past are mental constructs, Now IS all that exists)

Never the same since I lost you (When You drop the Ego, Life changes immensely).

Running me out of town (Running the ego out by separating Consciousness from forms, whether physical or mental)

Wishing the best around
Would only get off my back (The desire for the "best around," the ego, the selfish, self-important mental construct to leave)

Heaven receives you and throws you back (When you cast off your ego, it returns time and again)

Sending a dummy to my God (x4) (Sending the "false self" to God, the Source)

Driving to eat a Carvel cake (Having the goal of "eating" at "Carvel" distorts the experience of Reality)

Somewhere you know isn't where you think (When you KNOW, you don't think)

Have you gone away
Have you gone, have you gone away already
(come back, come back, come back, come back)
Have you gone, have you gone away already
(come back, come back, come back, come back)
Have you gone, have you gone away already
(come back, come back, come back, come back)
Have you gone, have you gone away already (Come back!, If you've gone away into planning for the future or daydreaming about the past...The lyrics call you back into the Now).

All the good times are on their way (self explanatory)
Up and down that's how energy stays alive (Ups and Downs are necessary for Life to sustain itself, don't take it personally)
Up and down that's how energy stays alive (same as above)
And I wouldn't have it any other way (Accept the flow of Life!)

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