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George Michael John & Elvis Are Dead Lyrics

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Close friend of mine as a child fell into a slumber
No sign of life since '75
Then one day he just, what do you know
I guess God just called his number

He called me up he called me up and said
"I've been awake about a week
I'm thinking about asking the doctor
If he could put me back to sleep"
Then he laughed and said
"Hey all the girls they look the same"
Don't they know just what their mothers
Paid in blood, and tears to change

But the words that made me cry
The thing he softly said
It stayed with me, it keeps messing with my head
He said, "If Jesus Christ is alive and well
Then how come John & Elvis are dead?"

Youth, beautiful youth
We walked through the walls until we found the truth
And said "Change it, it's ugly just change it"
Everyone we used to know
Must have given up, so long ago
You can see it, it's written on their faces
And the inside of their clothes

But the words that made me cry
'Cos I knew just what they meant
He turned to me and said
"Hey boy, if Jesus Christ is alive and well
Then how come John & Elvis are dead?"

"Tell me if Jesus Christ is alive and well
Then how come Marvin & Elvis are dead?"

I said "If Jesus Christ is going to save us from ourselves
How come peace, love and Elvis are dead?"

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Precise sight of George Michael | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/2006

I think/feel that George is actually tuning in to something special, and that if he had the support he requires, he'd explode again, I wish I was his friend!

I celebrate his vision in this song and wish him peace, motivation and happiness.

Everything's just as it is till it changes. George Michael's words and voice and vision will always be George Michael and that is what I love about this song, it's timeless to George.

A detachment from everything in order to be reborn is what is happening, like John Lennon said 'I don't believe in Buddha, I don't believe in Jesus, I only believe in me, yoko and me' Why did Marvyn die? A pure soul.

I'm not going to quote Kirkegard or John Lennon overly, but I appreciate George's position, and getting right back to zero isn't always a bad thing.

I miss him and I enjoyed the words in this song and want more of the same and to see him performing again in maybe a televised quiet get together quintet, like Elvis and John did.

Love the lyrics


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