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While John Cale is one of the most famous and, in his own
way, influential underground rock musicians, he is also one
of the hardest to pin down stylistically. Much has been
made of his schooling in classical and avant-garde music,
yet much of what he's recorded has been decidedly
song-oriented, dovetailing close to the mainstream at
times. Terming him a forefather of punk and new wave isn't
exactly accurate either. Those investigating his work for
the first time under that premise may be surprised at how
consciously accessible much More...

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Review about John Cale songs
John Cale and Dylan Thomas | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Child's Christmas in Wales performed by John Cale

It's beeen suggested that this song, which I like, was inspired by Dylan Thomas' story of the same name. But I can find little that connects the two works. "Long-legged bait" is a phrase used in the title of one of Thomas' poems, but that's about it.

Streets of Laredo origin | Reviewer: barbara
    ------ About the song Streets Of Laredo performed by John Cale

The melody is an old Irish tune......unknown composer.........the lyrics are totally different when sung in Ireland. The tune was brought to America and someone else wrote the yrics to Streets of Laredo.

Irish melody? | Reviewer: Little Blue
    ------ About the song Streets Of Laredo performed by John Cale

When I was a little girl my grandfather told us a story about this song. He said it was a TRUE story and the boy was an Irish immigrant. Of course, my grandfather, an Irish man and Teller of Tall Tales. I wanted to know who wrote the song to see if the author was an Irish man. Does anyone know? I asked who wrote it and now I know.

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