Joe Albums

  • Bridges Album (6/23/2014)
    Future Teller
    Do a Little Dance
    If You Lose Her
    sex Ain't a Weapon
    Love & Sex, Pt. 2
    Blame Her Broken Heart on Me
    First Lady
    Take It to the House
    Till the Rope Gives Way
    The Rest Will Follow
    Mary Jane (Remix)
    Love sex Hollywood
    For Love
    Love Undefeated

  • Doubleback Evolution of R&B Album (7/2/2013)
    Something For You
    Magic City
    I'd Rather Have A Love
    Love and Sex ft. Fantasia
    Mary Jane
    1 To 1 Ratio
    Double Back

  • The Good, The Bad, The Sexy Album (10/18/2011)
    Time Of Your Life
    Almost There
    Pull My Hair
    Dear Joe
    Slow Kisses
    Lose Control
    Drink Up

  • Make Sure You're Home For Christmas Album (10/13/2009)
    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
    The Christmas Song
    Grown Up Christmas List
    It Ain't Christmas
    Make Sure You're Home

  • Signature Album (7/14/2009)
  • Joe Thomas, New Man Album (9/23/2008)
  • Ain't Nothin' Like Me Album (4/24/2007)
  • And Then... Album (12/2/2003)
  • Better Days Album (12/11/2001)
  • My Name Is Joe Album (4/18/2000)
  • All That I Am Album (8/6/1997)
  • Everything Album (8/17/1993)

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    Reviews about Joe albums
    Every Special friend | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Signature performed by Joe

    According to my Side,Thi signature Joe Album @ it 's amazing soul album & it 's unique from Other R&B music but I wish Joe Thomas to be highly Promoted because I wonder If I play his sngs in my house & Others saying U are play'ng R Kelly I don't lyke that coz Joe to me He is singing so Sweeter his voice is more clear &higher

    Signature,Joe and then even all the Album | Reviewer: joywel
        ------ About the album Signature performed by Joe

    I personally luv joe very well, i took him as my role model interms Song writting,Dressing,Vocal with dulcet tone,lyrics cos all tease me to b a coperate nd responsible guy in any activity or situations i found my self. I, as a singer,am praying dat my dream comes true as i've dreamed dat Joe Thomas signed me to his musical band. I LOVE U JOE .kip it up we ar listening

    Mr Sexy Smooth is Doubleback with an EPIC 10th album. | Reviewer: CheekyTigre563
        ------ About the album Doubleback Evolution of R&B performed by Joe

    The much anticipated 10th album for Joe entitled "Doubleback: Evolution Of R&B" is an immense statement in itself. The title alone says exactly what the album evolution into real R&B music. I bought this album on import for the 10th album to add to Joe's collection and I could not wait to play it. I actually waited until late at night to play it, seeing as I was busy throughout the day. This album incorporates some uptempo track beats with solid R&B and Soul elements that R&B lovers can relate to. This is bringing back real R&B 100%. Joe has really impressed on this album, and this is by far a masterpiece of an album that he has produced with some great other talents, especially D.O.A., taken on for the project.

    When i pressed play and the first track, "Something For You" started i was all like, "this isn't Joe! I know Joe's vocal ability extremely well being a 19 year supporter, so i could tell that his vocals have become even more finer and stronger than it already was. It was a very pleasant surprise indeed. This track has an amazing fiery oomph of a start to it and quite frankly i rewound the first 25 seconds four times until I let the track continue on it's course. "This track really is a smooth and sexy soulful number to listen to with the way it begins."

    Throughout the album there are some sweet tasting musical and lyrical surprises to boot, what with "1 to 1 Ratio," "Doubleback," "Mary Jane," "Magic City," and "Baby" being my top favourites with "Something For You," and of course the #1 introduction single to the album, "I'd Rather Have A Love" - I just see us together.

    "Love & Sex" is also another strong song to my liking, featuring the powerful vocals of Fantasia Burrino. This was a great collaboration for this particular song. Joe definitely picks his collaborations very well so you know he's rooted in his game very well.. Joe is a definite romantic for doing this song. It just shines so much and the meaning is strong and on point.

    "Double Back," the title track, is a fine number that ends the album on a very good high. Joe is still on point and I am a forever supporter to this wonderful and talented man. He is truly highly blessed in his skill.

    Joe really took this Doubleback project seriously and stripped it down naked to what real R&B must be. This is what we all needed from an artist who can truly sing and put out the lyrics and production how it should be done and heard. Joe is perpetual and my love for him as an individual and his music is also perpetually true in high and genuine forms.

    Overall, this album comes as a major and divine contentment to my ears. This is a masterpiece of an album, and it is about time he received a BET Award for his 20 years of experience and efforts towards the music he produces, the way he sings so wonderfully well, the lyrics he writes, and as well as his long standing poise in the music industry. For me, this is Joe's best album to date. I knew it was going to be a banger by the way he talked about it. Gosh, love this man to bits, and God has continually blessed his ability and poise to carry on and get better and better with his game every time. Joe is a predominately blessed man.

    Well Done to my boy Joe for an amazing 10th album. The best album to date!! A Masterpiece 10/10.

    all your albulm | Reviewer: george victor from Nigeria
        ------ About the album My Name Is Joe performed by Joe

    I really like all your tracks, nd most of your lyrics, it all make sense to me, it makes me to appreciate and treat my lady like the way a lady should be treated, tnx Joe, u are de man. I luv U

        ------ About the album All That I Am performed by Joe

    Joe's Albums, All that I am and My name is Joe are the two coolest albums this dude has had. He has just diverted from his traditional R and B to something else i dont under stand ( may be funk). Please Joe, go back to your traditional R and B. Plz

    Hi Joe! Would mind my asking you to provide me your biography_ | Reviewer: zicas moronha
        ------ About the album My Name Is Joe performed by Joe

    Hi Joe! Things started out when I first realized that I had an absolutely wonderful idol called Joe. I loved most the track "the love scene" from the album "All that I am". My name is Joe is the ever wanted album here in Mozambique. I am Zicas Moronha, student at Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo-Mozambique. Wish U all the best.

    I always listening your Album | Reviewer: Isaac Reath
        ------ About the album And Then... performed by Joe

    Nothing I can said man Just continous your work try to be star of all this year and have more.

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