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As everyone who hears his amazingly rich and mature
baritone instantly realizes, classic country music has
always formed the home, the heart, and the soundtrack of
Joe Nichols' life. "It starts when you're a kid," he
says. "It's like dreaming of becoming a fireman, or
anything else: You want to be great at something. For me,
it was country music; that was what I cared about. It's
like growing up with certain foods, or a favorite blanket,
or shirt, or fabric: Later on, you want to re-identify with
whatever it is, more than More...

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Reviews about Joe Nichols songs

:) | Reviewer: andrea
    ------ About the song The Impossible performed by Joe Nichols

anything is possible with Jesus Christ and that song just proves it. he can get us out of impossible situations if that's his plan for us. Mathew 17:20 "Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

The Impossible. | Reviewer: Trina
    ------ About the song The Impossible performed by Joe Nichols

I love this song! I can't stop listening to it, I go on youtube everyday,and this is the first song that I click play:P Joe you've talent! love the video..and love this song most of all I love you for being my most favorite country artist ever! Your a star budday!

sad song | Reviewer: Stephanie
    ------ About the song I'll Wait For You performed by Joe Nichols

I heard this song yesterday for the first time and I just had to find out who sang it. My father is batteling cancer and he and my mom have been married 41 years and this song really hit home when I heard it. I know my dad will be waiting for her and us when we knock on heavens door.

Kcq Weekend | Reviewer: Conni
    ------ About the song Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off performed by Joe Nichols

Wow i mean it b/c Joe Nichols went off stage the went back on the stage but with a tigers™ t-shrit on if you know the tiger™ then he put on a maggs (#30) i love this song and when i frist herd it i was like that song suck but it cought on to me and now i love it so here's to a good song by: Joe Nichols (i love him and his hair)

Very Sweet... | Reviewer: Niki
    ------ About the song I'll Wait For You performed by Joe Nichols

I lost my dad back in September, Suddenly in a car accident...
I know he would be tellin' my mom he would be waiting at the gates for her... We always waited for my dad, our whole lives, he was a trucker and we never did anything unless he was there. This song makes me cry every single time, but it really is tears of Joy knowing my dad will be waiting for us when our time comes...
Wonderful song

Be sure to wait in heaven, not in hell | Reviewer: Volker ("Mac")
    ------ About the song I'll Wait For You performed by Joe Nichols

Hi everybody, I'm as well very touched by this great song. I lost my mother due to cancer in 2000. And it still hurts.
But I know for sure she's in heaven. She was a christian and she lived it. So it was only her body we buried in the grave. I am sure I will see her again when "my time has come". The same goes for my wife, and I hope it will go for my two boys, too.
I am reading the "Left Behind" series at the moment. One lesson I learned thereof is: The time for making the decision for heaven, not for hell, is NOW. And the decision is the decision for Jesus.
God bless you.

Amazing | Reviewer: Camille
    ------ About the song I'll Wait For You performed by Joe Nichols

So reminds me of my Mom. (She isn't dead, but she lives in a mental hospital across the country and I never get to see her.) This song is so I cry every time I hear it. I sang it to my friend who'd never heard it, and she cried too. Thank you so much, Joe Nichols.

Absolutely Beautiful! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Impossible performed by Joe Nichols

Not sure if Joe Nichols wrote this song or not
but whoever did had to have a higher power help
them put the words together. The song flows so
smoothly & it would definitely catch anyone's ear
that has never heard it. It makes you realize
life is not always up but sometimes down but it
won't keep you down. Joe is the perfect singer for this song!!!

man in my life now and the young man i lost 5 years ago | Reviewer: sheila
    ------ About the song I'll Wait For You performed by Joe Nichols

hearing this song and the words hit me so hard loosing my son to a drunk driver and thinking he could never say these words to a women ever. AND the man in my life now. I love very much he wasnt there when my son was killed but hes been there for me and he said he feels what im going through loosing my son is like my son was his too .And the fact i cant have kids no more due to haveing surgery cause i had cancer .Which he was there for me and said its ok we cant have kids.But he wanted a boy and i had few miscarriages that were boys. i felt like a noone so this song is the world to me thankyou joe for writing it

I'll wait for you review | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I'll Wait for You performed by Joe Nichols

this song is sooooo sad...i was in the car on my way to church and i had tears in my eyes at the end. very good song

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