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They say that three times is the charm and no one knows
that better than Joe. His third album (second on Jive
Records), My Name is Joe, is modern R&B at its best: sexy,
seductive, smart and soulful, delivered by a gifted young
singer/songwriter/producer who is one of the most prolific
and popular artists around.

Produced by Joe, Teddy Riley and Shek'speare, My Name is
Joe features the Number One hit "I Wanna Know," the
chart-topper "Thank God I Found You (Make it Last remix)
and the downtempo sizzler "Treat Her Like A Lady." The More...

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Review about Joe songs
meow | Reviewer: meow
    ------ About the song No One Else Comes Close performed by Joe

.i really like this song, it really touches my heart..actually the moment i heard this song is the time when me and my ex go to the second round of our relationship..i just imagine that he's the one singing this f0r me,there's a strange feelings evrytime i think of him saying n0 one else c0me cl0se to you (my girl)..

Narmen | Reviewer: Narmen
    ------ About the song I Wanna Know performed by Joe

Ohhhh hhhhhhh I have never hered dis song be4 my boyfriend Dave share it to me n Facebook to tall me how he feel about and to know as Joe say I wanna know lovely sing love it...........

sweet mems | Reviewer: Moffat Lweendo Muchanga
    ------ About the song The Love Scene performed by Joe

Love scene- It's one song that meks me feel lyk I just got married yesterday.It's almost three yrs since I & Rebecca tied the knot but whenever I listen to this track,I feel lyk how one wud feel just a second after their proposal has been accepted.In shut,it's my marriage ANTHEM. Joe, thanx, I O U a debt of gratitude I can never rapay..

Its a satisfaction | Reviewer: Chol
    ------ About the song Good Girls performed by Joe

This song is so sensitive n contradict ma life,actually it explain more about me coz am a victim of such circumstances,big up to joe coz he such a centrimental n amazing artist coz he brings out what most daily xperiences are in our lives as human being,am ur fun buddy!!!

touching | Reviewer: fatigun anthony
    ------ About the song No One Else Comes Close performed by Joe

it can work differently depending on individual's workings of mind and of course per time. as for me it really helps me to appreciate and recognize d true value of whoever comes close. Joe is an idol.

It Won't End | Reviewer: MShug Tu U
    ------ About the song It Won't End performed by Joe

My review for this song is great. I rate it a ten, not just because I love Joe as an artist, but because he's a great man, and a gift from GOD. However, I can't seem to locate this song on any of my Cd's. My question is am I missing a cd, because I thought I had them all? Please tell me where I can get this song on CD/Album Thank you

Scenario | Reviewer: Gina
    ------ About the song Worst Case Scenario performed by Joe

In all the years I have enjoyed JOE from his first inception as an artist until******. I have never been disappointed ever. Whether he is solo or has collaborated with others, his voice, his aura, and is sexy presence are just Extraordinary. Thanks JOE, you forever are the Best Case Scenario to my ears.

Always a contented FAN

heated | Reviewer: amanda
    ------ About the song Stutter(Remix) performed by Joe

whenever I hear this song, it's usually when I'm in a bad mood & it creates this intense feeling my body.. I just feel all my anger come out when I listen to it.. Amazing song. Left it as a voicemail message to a (now ex) boyfriend. Minus the crying and nappy hair, just add the mad crazy stuttering and this is him. Hahaha... Now it's "I-I-I-I'm sorry" MY ASS!!!

emotion | Reviewer: sulaiman abayomi rasheed
    ------ About the song If Loving You Is Wrong performed by Joe

this is one of the most emotional sound track i have ever read through in my live, infact i'm sending it to my babe right away because it has blessed me in one way and i want to shear the blessing with my babe so as to strenten our relationship.
God bless joe.

I wanna know | Reviewer: Getahun Meteku
    ------ About the song I Wanna Know performed by Joe

I am just glad with the lyric of you.I love your all music.My freinds all are happy with your lyrics.Specialy i wanna know,I love you,that's why i created my email account with your name.

Please i do love to write,are you happy?

Gechcool From Ethiopia.
Thank you for your time

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