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Joe Jackson was born on August 11, 1954, in
Burton-on-Trent, England, but grew up in the South Coast
naval port town of Portsmouth. An awkward, skinny,
asthmatic child, he joined a violin class (aged 11) in
order to escape from school sports, and soon fell in love
with music. He claims that this saved his life.

Pretty soon Joe switched to piano and started to compose.
His teenage musical hero was Beethoven, but he also loved
jazz and rock, and by age 16 he was playing piano gigs,
trying to entertain drunken sailors and skinheads in More...

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Review about Joe Jackson songs
Classic Joe | Reviewer: Ken Cos
    ------ About the song A Place In The Rain performed by Joe Jackson

I have been listening to this album for couple of years now,thought all this time was an older piece of his work.Several great songs on this one,including 'place in the rain'
Lyrics are kinda crazy & or sad,but really love the way this one flows.
Rock on,JOE !

not a chance encounter | Reviewer: Poirrier/mark
    ------ About the song Invisible Man performed by Joe Jackson

I introduced myself some years ago as the invisible man Joe outside a local pub of yours in north end Pompey after gray Maby's ( my brother in Law)or was it your birthday bash. This was after you and your ex Fiancee's ( my wife ) failure to acknowledge my existance in many mutual gatherings....ring any bells Joe ??

Grow Up? Not Me | Reviewer: Steve
    ------ About the song Nineteen Forever performed by Joe Jackson

A classic Joe Jackson song with that catchy beat and full of melodic hooks, this anthem to remaining young has a bittersweet air to it...JJ looks through tinted glasses at the 9 to 5 crowd who have "sold out" and prefers to dance the night away. But in phrases such as "only my mirror sees me crying", it becomes obvious that our hero knows that he can't avoid aging, he can just ignore it. Add the not-so-subtle drug reference makes it seem, well.....autobiographical? Like most of "Blaze of Glory", this tune stays with you, even if you only get to be 19 once.

great song | Reviewer: E
    ------ About the song I'm the Man performed by Joe Jackson

A great song, classic. Hard to stay still when it plays. Great song to run to or just get up to!

The best "Second best" song ever | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Other Me performed by Joe Jackson

And I though this just happened to me.

Beautiful song for the one you never get fully over, but know is staying in the past.

Real Man Review | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Real Men performed by Joe Jackson

Very good song with a chatchy tune. It's also got alot of meaning. I just love it.

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