Joe Jackson Albums

  • Volume 4 Album (3/11/2003)
    Take It Like A Man
    Still Alive
    Awkward Age
    Love At First Light
    Fairy Dust
    Little Bit Stupid
    Blue Flame
    Dirty Martini
    Thugz 'R' Us
    Bright Grey

  • Night And Day 2 Album (10/24/2000)
    Prelude (in album night and day 2)
    Hell Of A Town
    Stranger Than You
    Glamour And Pain
    Dear Mom
    Love Got Lost
    Just Because...

  • Summer in the City Album (5/6/2000)
    Another World
    Be My Number Two
    Down to London
    Eleanor Rigby
    Fools in Love
    Home Town
    It's Different For Girls
    King of the World
    Mood Indigo
    Obvious Song
    One More Time
    Summer in the City
    You Can't Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want)

  • Heaven & Hell Album (9/2/1997)
    Fugue 1 / More is More
    Passacaglia / A Bud and a Slice
    The Bridge
    Fugue 2 / Song of Daedalus

  • Night Music Album (10/4/1994)
  • Laughter & Lust Album (4/30/1991)
  • Blaze of Glory Album (7/1/1989)
  • Will Power Album (7/1/1987)
  • Big World Album (7/1/1986)
  • Body and Soul Album (7/1/1984)
  • Mike's Murder Album (7/1/1983)
  • Night and Day Album (7/1/1982)
  • Jumpin' Jive Album (7/1/1981)
  • Beat Crazy Album (7/1/1980)
  • I'm the Man Album (10/1/1979)
  • Look Sharp! Album (4/1/1979)

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    Reviews about Joe Jackson albums
    Night and Day II is his best work | Reviewer: osterberg
        ------ About the album Night And Day 2 performed by Joe Jackson

    He said it was his best and most underappreciated work. I knew it was his best work and now I see he's right about that last part. The stories his characters tell, each in song, are true gems... each a short story akin to O'Henry's finest on life in New York City, and then they surpass it, becoming a loosely woven narrative knit together by the percussion of the city, and larger than the sum of its parts. JJ sets the stage: it is for me the final months and days before 9-11 changed the city. The story is told through the eyes of its witnesses during a single night that begins just before sunset and ending at dawn. A quietly powerful idea expressed in unique story form, and the music sublime.

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