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In a little over a year after their solidified line up, 2
years after their conception, Job for a Cowboy has made
Their debut EP, Doom, released in December on King of the
Monsters (The Locust, Breather Resist, Creation Is
Crucifixion). The band spent a months in preperatoin in
order to record the most powerful album they could. In
songwriting, they consistently seek out opportunities to
challenge themselves in mastering levels of technical
achievments found in their wide range of influences.

The bands versatile fan base has allowed More...

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Review about Job For A Cowboy songs
Songmeaning | Reviewer: Wilson95
    ------ About the song The Rising Tide performed by Job For A Cowboy

Ok, first of all this lyrics was simple. It about an effect of World War 2 where a lot of Japanese army died during the detonation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Majority of them attempting suicide and some of them drown themselves into the water. Soon, after the war, a lot of body floating in the water.

standard screams | Reviewer: ...
    ------ About the song Knee Deep performed by Job For A Cowboy

This song is awesome I love it trust me but these are just standard screams easy to do, but hard to follow along to I personally can do the song just my pig squeals aren't as high or as powerful as his

masterpiece | Reviewer: SweatyNads8008
    ------ About the song Knee Deep performed by Job For A Cowboy

I can't even fathom how people can create poetry and music like this. Its so complex and deep. This song is a masterpiece. Fuck people who hate on Death Metal. They're just too fucking stupid to comprehend the energy and emotion it creates. They'd rather listen to the talentless shit on the radio now days. Just because you can't understand what the guy's saying doesn't mean its bad music. Having to dig deeper to understand the music and lyrics is a good thing about real music like this. Once you read the lyrics you can understand the singer a lot better. These guys are true artists.

Heavy. | Reviewer: KillProficiency
    ------ About the song To Detonate And Exterminate performed by Job For A Cowboy

I loved this song when I first heard it, but didn't understand the lyrics because I'm not very talented at 'scream reading' so I came on to here and listened to the song whilst reading it. I was blown away, the lyrics really caught me out, these guys are extremely skilled in the death/speed/thrash metal profession. Powerful lyrics. A truly fantastic song.

jfac's brutality | Reviewer: sk
    ------ About the song Knee Deep performed by Job For A Cowboy

i think this song is about Jesus' hidden anger at god for allowing (no, for relishing) his plans for making this bastard child of his suffer and die for himself. clearly the lyrics about his begging for death in his tomb that breathes is a reference to his resurrection. also, JFAC came up with this song whilst they were in their teens so any haters let's see your teen write some brutal deathcore like this :)

Entombment of a machine | Reviewer: Nicsta!! :D
    ------ About the song Entombment Of A Machine performed by Job For A Cowboy

Im a christian (and Im 11 :D) and i have read revalations. The dude at the vert top is probably the most correct. I Think its about when the rapture, apocolypse whatever you want to call it, a kind off half human half machine will reign. If you want to, find a bible and the very last chapter is revalations and it has all you need to know about the end of the world ( it's a bit scary at times and I believe it's 100% true)

Tut Tut | Reviewer: D
    ------ About the song Entombment Of A Machine performed by Job For A Cowboy

Its a shame JFAC fans are mainly kids because your immaturity blinds you from understanding how intelligent Jonny Davy's lyrics actually are. Personally I believe this song has the same biblical theme of all JFAC's songs. This song is about the end times when the anti-christ will reign. If any of you had half a brain you may have been educated enough to read the bible. Specifically the book of revelation. We are forewarned of a man/machine reigning the earth, possessed by satan. Also just because Jonny is an atheist doesn't mean he's uneducated. He has clearly researched or perhaps even read the bible and is very clued up on Christianity. He may not believe in God but that's not to say he isn't interested in Christianity. Clearly he is because he frequently makes references to the book of revelation. Not to mention their album was entitled 'Genesis'. For you airheads that's the first book in the bible. Jonny Davy is an incredibly talented writer and deserves to be discussed by people with the capacity to think. Stupid kids.

This song is awesome | Reviewer: Ariel
    ------ About the song Entombment Of A Machine performed by Job For A Cowboy

This song is awesome... well yeah. And this song is nothing about Jesus it's about someone being kept alive by... machines it's so clear. "This program kept you breathing". Anyone who says this is jesus's crusification is well. just siply retarted. Also just on my mind screamo isn't always about things like the devil.. it's usally never about devil shit and idk what else but all those assholes that say that screamo and other music like this is just about ... retarted shit they can fuck off this is music more then anything especally rap. and by rap i mean the retarted pussy fucking, weed smokin,money... getting retarted rap that rap is shit but other rap that is not like lil wayne is preety good.

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Suspended By The Throat performed by Job For A Cowboy

Jfac is the frikin best band ever! The lyrics may be brutal, but they mean something, not like rap and hip hop. They actually make you think, not like rap where you only need an iq of a pickle to understand all of the lyrics.

this song is hardcore | Reviewer: metalover145
    ------ About the song Knee Deep performed by Job For A Cowboy

I cant even understand what the guys freakin saying but it still sounds so badass! I dont even know how he screams like that but it must be hard oh well
First song ive heard by them dont know how good they are but this song is so brutal >:D

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