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b. 8 July 1962, Anchorage, Kentucky, USA. The 90s rock
singer Joan Osborne began her singing career one evening at
the Abilene blues bar in New York, USA. Prompted by several
drinks, she took the stage at 3 am as a dare and sang
Billie Holiday 's 'God Bless The Child'. The resident
pianist at the club encouraged her to attend the bar's
regular open-microphone nights. Although a reluctant
performer at first, she soon learned to enjoy these
opportunities, building a solid reputation in the New York
area. The live album Soul Show was More...

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Why Christ would agree with Joan | Reviewer: Al Cochrane
    ------ About the song One of Us performed by Joan Osborne

Christ became a human being to show us what God is like. He was a man because women were not accepted as authoritative in Christ's time. But, He became one of us to show us the way to God. "I am the way, the truth and the Life. Noone comes to the Father except through me." So, he was a carpenter most of his life, not feminine or beautiful, but strong and rugged, and without sin because of how he was conceived. He had brothers and sisters, and suffered life like "one of us" and then died in our place for each of our sins and the sin of all of us if we just trust what He did. What if God was one of us? He was. He came from eternity as a perfect sacrifice so all of us could go to the Father. He came like a stranger on a bus and then he went back home- for awhile. Praise Him who came for us and shall return.

Good news:)) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song What If God Was One Of Us performed by Joan Osborne

I love this song and just tonight realised the words! A little slow I know ,
but when I heard the first line ...
joy leaped up in me because....
GOD WAS one of us!!! Jesus was His name!! He is the man coming home, He is the slob... The word says that "as we do the LEAST, we do to HIM!! "
And now... Today, God abides in the church, The Body of Christ!!!
He is the Hope of Glory and chose to dwell in "earthen vessels!!"
Thank you Lord!! Anyway, just wanted to share and say thanks for the song!!!

Soulful | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song At Last performed by Joan Osborne

I decided the first time I heard this rendition by Joan Osborne that it would be THE song at my wedding. So beautiful!

what if god was one of us | Reviewer: lisa
    ------ About the song One Of Us performed by Joan Osborne

IT is a good question, and I think if god was one of us he'd help change some of the bad people and there'd be no evil human's out there. I love this song.

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