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Joan released a CD of 'Lullabies With A Difference' in
December 1998 for a children's charity called PACES. The
charity helps children with cerebral palsy. She asked
friends and musicians whom she admires, like Mark Knopfler,
Jools Holland, Midge Ure, Tina Turner, The Cranberries,
Melissa Etheridge, Brian May, Sarah Randle, Lewis Taylor
and of course Joan Armatrading, to give a song with a
lullabies theme. As you can see the response was
tremendous. Joan says the aim of the CD is to make people
aware of this dedicated children's More...

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Review about Joan Armatrading songs
no one does it like Joan | Reviewer: zodwa in zimbabwe
    ------ About the song Baby I performed by Joan Armatrading

this comes from a long standing fan of Joan. Jo you were blessed with a deep swet voice and you use it to the max!

Such a well put together sentimental song Ican play it over and over again. I like the trumpet and the bass part towards the end and the music rolls out like a peaceful tide over the shore of my soul. when ever i listen to this song i imagine myself sitting by the shore with a cool breeze in the evening sky. thanks joan your music has blessed my life

Lyricist | Reviewer: Ian
    ------ About the song Dry Land performed by Joan Armatrading

Although the music was written by Joan Armatrading and the song performed by her, the lyrics were in fact written by her one time collaborator Pam Nestor - who also wrote the lyrics to 'Come When You Need Me', another great song and also from the Back to the Night album

Talent sorely not appreciated | Reviewer: Graeme Claridge
    ------ About the song Down to Zero performed by Joan Armatrading

Down To Zero is up there in the annuls of good music and the same can be said for Joan Armatrading who is just so good at what she does, she doesn't need to keep on churning out album after album, year in, year out. Down to zero is one of those songs that just captures you, you have to listen to it and you have to enjoy it, you can't possibly hate it as there is absolutely nothing about it to hate, the lyrics, the melody, Joan's voice, the performance of all of the musicians and the expertise of the sound engineer, all of these aspects are just perfect and it can be heard in the song and it's performance, anyone who doesn't like this must be either dead between the ears or genetically related to George W Bush.

to the limit | Reviewer: justine furness
    ------ About the song Barefoot and Pregnant performed by Joan Armatrading

joans first album i heard was when i was 16yrs,im now 39 and still to this day think shes the best singer songwriter in the world,i love this woman in my own way and im pretty good at singing like her,and im a white female!joan your the best and the uptmost respect to you

timeless | Reviewer: Gillian
    ------ About the song Dry Land performed by Joan Armatrading

Dryland, Willow, The Weakness in Me, and Love and Affection especially, are probably some of the most beautiful songs ever written. I've turned them up and sung my heart out so many times they are part of me. Thank you Joan Armatrading XO.

moving | Reviewer: Gordon
    ------ About the song Dry Land performed by Joan Armatrading

This is, quite simply, one of the greatest songs ever written.
I have listened to it thousands of times and it still moves me.

Great song | Reviewer: Matt
    ------ About the song Me Myself I performed by Joan Armatrading

Arguably Joan's best and strongest song after her great debut in the UK of Love and Affection! Not usually played as often - so perhaps even MORE of a pleasure to hear when it is...

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