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The main artery of New York City's Chinatown neighborhood
is Canal Street, and on a sweltering summer day like this,
it's easy to lose yourself in the constant traffic of
bodies pushing their way along the sidewalk. There are
longtime Chinatown merchants alongside newly immigrated
ones, each looking for their piece of the American Dream.
There are wide-eyed tourists craning their necks to see the
tips of the city's skyscrapers, thinking privately of their
own high hopes. There are also tough young New Yorkers
from every borough More...

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Review about Jin songs
madd rapper | Reviewer: challah "madd rapper"smith
    ------ About the song Aim 4 The Head performed by Jin

its hot this my first time hearing bout jin Im from cassity hood
and all i was listening to was d block i b n and out of the jon
but i just was reserching some shit and jinn name came up and he live so I waiting to hear him on beats I rhyme so im waiting to let ya hear me hollar at me challahsmith@facebook if ya get dis

Sick - | Reviewer: TenziN
    ------ About the song I Quit performed by Jin

Classic,one of the best joint i've heard.Sick beat and even sicker lyrics.One of the best or the best MC around.Gota give to brother Jin thou he's more into christian music these days.He still one of sickest MC to touch the mic,period.

em squared | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Long Winding Road performed by Jin

here's my support jin 2 ease u from hate
bare foot along da winding road seems a fucked up fate
but dont abandon da hope dreams never 2 late
walk away from the game ill never get to pass this weight
party n celebrate aint enought 2 name u great
something big u gotta have 10 10's overrate
how much height to levitate to be in the limelight
possible's impossible for u to reach da god's might
so same shit every spit
jin's stuck on his seat
so what now?let it slip?let dis all repeat?

hell no..here's my props jin keep it hood

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song G.O.L.D.E.N. performed by Jin

This song is in Saints Row for the Xbox 360 and I always hope that song comes on when I'm driving in that game and listening to the radio.

It has got a great message and doesn't have like any explicit words like much of today's crude rap songs!

Go Jin!!

I just wish I could find a place to download this song!!!

Kick ass song!! | Reviewer: The Wolf
    ------ About the song Peel Off performed by Jin

this is one of Jin's best songs, especially if u love street racing and rap. Jin is tha shit when it comes to import tuners n rap.

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